Share Your World 11/12/2012

Share Your World,

Share Your World

from Cee’s Life Photography Blog, has come around once again.  Cee sends this challenge around to help us get to know each other, and for me, anyway, to make answering challenge questions easier.  Here are this week’s questions:

  1. Do you prefer eating the frosting of the cake or the cupcake first?  That’s an easy one — Frosting First!!
  2. What is your favorite cheese?  My favorite cheese is brie, on slices of Granny Smith apples.
  3. What is your biggest fear or phobia? (no photos please)  My biggest fear — this is a tough one.  I will have to say, riding in a car on a mountain road with a careless driver who doesn’t care that I’m scared to death.
  4. Would you dare to sleep in haunted house overnight?  I would sleep in a haunted house if, and only if, I knew the ghost personally.

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