Gratitude List, Six-Word Saturday

Tuesday afternoon, and I missed my regular Saturday posts.  I have been sick — some kind of flu-ish thing, for the last couple of days.  Suddenly, today’s Tuesday, and I’m behind.

For my Six-Word Saturday entry, I regret that I haven’t written.  I feel quite let down when I come back to my desk, and find everything in a minor uproar.  This means far more to me, I know, than to anyone else.  I did not feel like writing anything at all.  I am lucky I’d built up some extra in NaNoWriMo — I am still slightly ahead of the curve, though I used up most of my extra Friday and Saturday.

My Saturday Gratitude List is simple, this week, and yet so profound.  I am grateful that the flu I had for the last two days won’t kill me, as it does so many in the world, who have no access to medical care, pharmaceuticals, even clean water and adequate food.  Even when I feel bad, I know how very lucky I am to live in a country as beneficent and wealthy as we Americans are.  This is a good gift to remember, and for which to be thankful.

I am grateful for my family, who stand by me in times of trouble.  Thanks so much, Mom, for seeing me through the appointment with the psych nurse last week.  The situation turned out far more positively than I expected it would.  Thanks to sister S., who is my reader for the NaNoWriMo project — thanks, S., for your suggestions, which make so much sense.  My love and thanks to my family, who have stuck so closely by me in times of sadness and doubt.

Many, many thanks to my friend F., who continues to provide rides to my various appointments.  I only wish I could do more to help him.  Thank you, F., for the rides, and for your patience when I am crabby or nervous.  I know you don’t follow the blog, but I’ll be sending you a copy of this post.

Many thanks to my co-workers, and the people in management of the store.  I continue to love my job, and I enjoy meeting our new cashiers and working with them.  All-in-all, my life is going well.  My PT caregiver understands my stiff joints and has ideas on how to begin to awaken my muscles and start them moving again.

For this, and so much more, I give hearty thanks.


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