New Challenge: Your Gratitude List

I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time.  I know many of you have enjoyed my weekly Gratitude List.  I have benefitted greatly from thinking regularly about all the things I have to be grateful for.  I started this post when I was still pretty miserable, and it did me well right from the start.

Also, I could think of no better time to start this than the week of Thanksgiving.

So, here it is:

Each Saturday, I challenge as many of you as will do it, to make a gratitude list of your own.  I am still trying to set up an InLinkz page, so that everyone may share their lists if they so desire.

 I need a badge for this challenge, and I have no idea how to create one, so I challenge anyone who wants to submit links to badges you have come up with in the comments of this post.  In a week or two, I will select one for the challenge, and give credit to the creator in a post.

I hope this piques the fancy of some of you.  You will be very glad you participated, I promise.


9 responses to “New Challenge: Your Gratitude List

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  3. I am one of the many who enjoy reading your gratitude list each week. I think it is a great idea and will join in the Saturday Gratitude Challenge. As for the badge…I may be too techie-challenged, but who knows.

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