Today, I am Grateful for:

Today is a beautiful Saturday here on the coast of Maine, with reasonable temperatures for the latter half of November, and less than a week from Thanksgiving.

I am grateful for so many blessings in my life, with the first on my list the glorious day outside my window.   The autumn sun is shining brightly, and everything feels crisp and bracing, like a good day to pick apples in some wild orchard.  Or maybe like jumping into an unheated pool on a warm day — a little brisk at first, but shortly I am comfortable at that temperature.

I am grateful that Mom and I had the chance to deliver a couple of boxes of books to the library store.  We then drove to the edge of town, to a public walking path, to get a few boughs for Mom’s new batch of winterberries.  The trail begins immediately with a steep hill, but I just started walking, and before I knew it, I had risen more than 50 feet.  Without stopping.  Without pain.  I am certainly grateful for that.

And my walking is so much better because of the arrangement my friend F and I have:  He provides the motorized transportation, I provide the legs for running errands, and getting in and out of the car.  I thank you, my friend, for your aid in my improved circulation and ability to walk without pain.

I am grateful for my sweet friend, W., a lovely, child-like woman whose ex-boyfriend from decades ago just moved into our building.  She started wanting nothing at all to do with him, about 6 months ago, and today she whispered that I should mention to that person that W. wants an engagement ring for Christmas.  I asked her if she really wanted to get married, and she said no, she just wanted to be engaged once in her life.  I hope she isn’t in for a world of hurt, but all I could do was wish her well and watch her smile.  This is more emotion than W. has shown since I moved here — an achievement of some magnitude.  I just hope…

I am grateful for my family — the family I wanted to escape for so many years is now a family of which I am happy to be a part.  My brother called me the other night, right out of the blue to say hi and ask how I was doing.  I was touched by his gracious acknowledgement of Obama’s victory, and we agreed that now we all needed to wait and see what he does next.  That is probably the closest agreement I’ve had with a Republican throughout the election campaign.

I am thankful for my health — relatively good.  But I have started to slip on the log book, while I am writing this NaNoWriMo novel.  Today, I’m back on the wagon, records-wise.

I am grateful for my rainbow whirligig, and the foil mobile

My show, when I’m working

I got in Boothbay Harbor.  Both of them are hanging in front of my desk, and with the fan on, they add a very festive air to the place.

(I tried to include a video clip from my cell phone, but I haven’t figured out the mechanics yet.  Sorry!)


8 responses to “Today, I am Grateful for:

  1. Your gratitude list is such an inspiring list to me this morning and I am putting my list to paper right now. I am grateful for my continuing health on dialysis and that God has given me another day to adore Him.

    My family is second on my list for being so supportive in the face of an un-understandable disease. But they are at my side all the time, studying and trying to understand as much as they can.

    I am so grateful for a husband who came back to care for me in my time of sickness. The vows meant a lot even during a long separation. He is being wonderful, shopping, cooking and transporting me to and from dialysis and to all doctor appointments. He works part time, too. What a guy!

    There, I gave you part of my list. That pool dip sounds like one for me, too.

    I am grateful that your circulation is better and you can walk without pain again, Julia. This is wonderful and I will be glad to be able to get out and walk again without the terrible pain in my back after my fall back in July. That is already on my gratitude list, too.
    I wish you a wonderful, peaceful and joyful day, my friend. And pray that this will be a tremendous week for you.

    It is now lunchtime at my house, so I will run and have some delicious Quiche with asparagus, quite dialysis friendly and quite tasty.

    • Yum!

      Your gratitude list is an inspiration for me, as well. I am continually bowled over by the joy in your words, while undergoing dialysis. You give me much hope. Love and blessings,


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