Forgetting to save my own life

One of the funniest things about me and diabetes is that I have to be vigilant in remembering to set my pump and give a bolus.

Actually, I don’t know if funny is the word; more like the most exasperating.  So today I’m going to try to get to the bottom of this.

38 years =  1976 weeks = 331968 days = (avg. 4x per day) = 1327872 + (extra one per day) 331968 = 1,659,840 doses – [10 months (1979) = (avg. 4 per day = 1212)] =

 1, 658,628 shots or boluses since I was diagnosed.

That is, over 1.6 million doses of insulin in my life, give or take a few thousand, as the number of doses is an estimate.

So, I have administered, or had administered to me, more than 1.6 million doses of insulin.  One would think I would remember by now.

I don’t.  I can’t even count the number of times in the past week I have started or finished eating before I remembered my bolus – I bet that number is over 1/3.  Think of the other things we do in our lives, every single day:  get out of bed, get showered, dressed, brush teeth, comb hair, walk, (some of us,) and talk, (some of us.)  We usually do our best to acquire that we want the most, whether or not that acquisition will be healthy for us.  We save money, we find shelter and food, and we search for a deeper purpose to our lives, (at least, some of us do.)  Billions of people take one or more medications a day in order to thrive, or even just to live.  Am I the only one to forget so often?

Of course I’m not.  I have read writings about forgetting from other diabetics.  I know personally a number of people who could not live without medication of some kind.  And I’m not trying to say pharmaceuticals.  Medicine is far more than that, and can include any number of elements like eating the right foods, or taking the right vitamins.  I catch myself forgetting other medications, occasionally, but I usually feel so awful, within just a few hours, that I realize and cover the missed doses.

I spent four or five months this year, avoiding eating vegetables, because I’d been told they all contained potassium, and my blood work showed me too high in potassium already.  I took this direction to mean that if I didn’t eat any vegetables, my kidneys would fare better than otherwise.  But since I have added veggies back into my diet, I am a healthier whole person – and I am careful to avoid veggies with a lot of potassium, to stay under my limit of 2000 mg. per day.

That’s just one of an infinite number of ways we humans might hurt, or help ourselves by choosing the right foods.

Do you forget?  Do you know why?  I’d love to hear – maybe I can figure out my own why.


12 responses to “Forgetting to save my own life

  1. I used to work as a nurse. If I had £1.00 for every time I had to say to a client “Keep taking the tablets the way you’re supposed to” I would be a richer man.
    You are not alone Judith – Keep…………………….. 🙂


  2. Maybe it’s because you don’t want to have diabetes. I know with Anthony’s PD if we were late with any of his meds it would have drastic repercussions and yet occasionally I would forget too and I think it was because I just didn’t want him to have PD.

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