My word count is 50,086, and I am technically a NaNoWriMo Winner!

I didn’t think I could do this, and I stopped writing for a few days, planning to give up.  “It’s too hard,” she whined.  “I never finish what I start.”

Well, I finished that first draft, and I am as proud as a person can be!


17 responses to “Done!

  1. Knew you could do it! Now the cutting comes in. It is a hard job that you are doing, but I know you will complete this venture with great pride in yourself. Not everybody can write a book, I think I’m one of those, and you have set your cap for success. Yeah!

    • Thank you so much, Jennifer. I wish I could explain how much you comments have encouraged me, during the NaNoWriMo challenge, and ever since you found my blog. You’re the best! 😎

      • Aww, thanks. While I love writing, and used to do poems and other short stories, they are definitely not of the calibre to print here, so I applaud those that can write, and write well. I am enjoying your journey.
        Now, when do we get to see a sort or excerpts of the work…?

      • Soon. I’ve written the whole thing in chapters about as long as a post, so I will put some up after I look them over. I would love to read your poems and short stories, btw. And would you like to post your poem to the comments on my Friends’ Poetry page? I’d like that!

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