New information on Morgellans Syndrome, and a Personal Vindication

I just came across a web post by Dan Eden that contains a great deal of scientific data about Morgellans Syndrome, particularly some of the underlying genetic information.  The site is; I am putting it here because the more people who know about these potential links between Morgellans and bacteria and other organisms that are found in genetically engineered foods, the better.  This is only one site, but Dan has laboratory data, medical personnel, and a good bibliography of references.  This is not a fly-by-night kind of thing — like the sites that claim to have found a cure, and only want me to send in my firstborn child.

In these studies, the fibers similar to those which come out of the lesions on my arms and legs have a melting point of 1800℉.  The FBI has an extensive data base of threads for forensic studies.  The fibers from Morgellans are not found in this data bank.

Mr. Eden has written a serious article about a condition most doctors don’t take seriously.  In my own case, the dermatologist told me I needed psychiatric help to deal with these delusional symptoms and the scratching I have still not gotten completely under control.  I saw the psychiatric nurse for the second time today, and she told me she had printed out this article and placed it on my PCP’s desk.  She says I don’t have obsessive/compulsive tendencies with the skin picking, and prescribed no medication.  I had asked her to find a psychologist for me, because I want to get back into therapy.  And that was all she did, as my healthcare provider, besides giving this article to Dr. Johnstone.

I feel pretty confident that the dermatologist and most of my other doctors officially have their heads way up in their own asses about this condition.  Now that I’ve been cleared of psychiatric problems, I think I may go back to the dermatologist who blew me off so casually, and ask her what else she might think it is, since the itching, scratching, and picking are not the psychiatric problem she diagnosed.  The bitch.

Anyway, I wanted to post this for any of you who are interested, or know someone with these symptoms.  But this web site is not for the faint of heart.  Just the Header Photo was enough to make me shiver.


11 responses to “New information on Morgellans Syndrome, and a Personal Vindication

  1. This absolutely horrifying – not just the information from the link to the article, but the fact that Morgellans sufferers aren’t taken seriously. Are you okay? I mean, what next?

    • I have no idea what next — except that I’ve decided to stop trying to convince doctors. The next one who tells me to seek psychiatric care is in for an earful — you’d better believe that! Thanks for your concern. I’m no better or worse than most other days, I guess, and Physical Therapy is today, so at least I’ll have a backrub! 😎

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