My Gratitude List

I have so many things to be grateful for, on this snowy Saturday in coastal Maine. Here are some:

I am thankful for my health, as good as it can be right now, and for my mental health, better than it’s been in a while.  My appointment with the psychiatric nurse had a huge impact.  She agrees that the Morgellon’s is plausible, and she communicated her opinion to my primary care physician in writing.  Such a relief.  And she believes that I am not obsessive/compulsive, as far as the skin scratching and picking is concerned, (as every other doctor I’ve seen said that I am.)  Yay!  finally!

I am grateful for my new tablet.  I suppose I should be grateful for the fact that I didn’t open my mail from Blue Cross/Blue Shield, that last year in North Carolina, because it contained $500+ in uncashed checks, part of which I used, with Mom’s help, to buy a lovely tablet.  I am thrilled that I can access TED talks again, along with hundreds or thousands of other sites I lost access to because the laptop had the wrong OS.  I will still use the laptop for writing — more comfortable and more familiar; thanks, S. and B.

I am grateful that Mom traveled to San Diego and back safely.  She says my sister and her family are all doing very well.  I’m glad for that.

I am grateful to my sister S., who gives me tremendous assistance with my writing, by reading and giving me valuable  informations, (oh, yeah, I are a writer  and suggestions.  I am thankful and thrilled that I learned about NaNoWriMo at the end of October, and that I completed the challenge, 50,000 words, 37 hours early.  I am beginning to feel around about characters, and I will start a novel before I am finished editing my memoir.  I am a writer.  What a feeling of satisfaction!

I am grateful for all of my family, that everyone is healthy and at least relatively happy.  I marvel all the time at my mother’s stamina in raising us well enough that none of us has ended up in jail for anything serious.

I am thankful to see Christmas decorations.  The house across the street from me has once again decorated their house beautifully.  I’m even grateful that it’s snowing, because I know we’ll be back up in the 50s (farenheit) by tomorrow.  (Isn’t it funny how, in the summer, 50℉ seems too cold to bear, while in the winter it feels like a heat wave.)

These are only a few of the numerous things in my life for which I am thankful.  I am a lucky woman!

A brief reminder — I have set forth a challenge for anyone who wishes to participate; every Saturday, take some time and post your own Gratitude List, or any other kind of post you want, to express your gratitude for all the blessings in your life.  Have fun, everyone.  If you know how to make badges, I would love to use yours for this challenge.  Please leave a link in the comments of this post, so that I, and other readers, can share your happiness.


3 responses to “My Gratitude List

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  2. So odd we have struggled with perfectionism. Well maybe not so much actually.
    I made an effort in the 90’s to grow the worst vegetable garden in my community that still produced something to eat. It was my anthem to myself about letting go of the quest for perfect. It was making me ill trying to live up to life’s illusions of what perfect is. It always someone else who tells us how and where we need to be perfect, Is that not telling us something?

    My hope is Jude that you can let it go.. You are perfectly natural just being you and that is who is loved.~

    By the way I had the most impressive zucchini that year.~

    • What a wonderful exercise! If I had a place, I’d start one this spring! Thank you so much for your good wishes, BB. You know I mean every word.

      And thank you for you encouragement, and your belief in me — your words and feelings bolster mine up so often. Love you, bloggy sister!

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