Gratitude Saturday is officially a challenge!

Gratitude Saturday Challenge Badge(with thanks to eldy)

Gratitude Saturday Challenge Badge
(with many thanks to eldy)

Coastal Maine is dawning this morning with rain and gray skies, and a chill.  I may just stay in my red flannel jammies all day!

Today is the first day of my Gratitude Saturday Challenge.  Back when I started this blog, I didn’t feel thankful about many events, circumstances, or people in my life.  So I got in the habit of writing a Gratitude list every Saturday, to remind me of how fortunate I am.

My readers’ response was unfailingly positive, and a couple of my readers suggested I turn this into a challenge, so that others might get in the same habit of counting their blessings every Saturday.  I latched onto the idea, and sent out a call for someone to make a badge.  My friend, Eldy, is the author of the environmentally important blog, Loving Life:  A Green Journey.  Eldy is also an artist, a poet, and a dog groomer.  All three of these topics have their own blogs, and you can find any of them on Eldy’s home page.  You are at the top of my gratitude list, my friend, for fashioning a lovely badge for this challenge.

I invite everyone who reads this to try writing a Gratitude List today.  You will be amazed at how good you’ll feel when you are done.  If you want to share your list, I ask you to include a link in the comments of my weekly list.  When I get some problems straightened out over at Mr. Linky, I will made a list available for all entries each week.

So please join us.  I would love to see us become a community even more blessed, by sharing our blessings with each other.  Please consider joining in this opportunity to know how fortunate we all are.


14 responses to “Gratitude Saturday is officially a challenge!

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  5. Ok, so it’s Sunday here, and of course I forgot about this yesterday. So I shall head back to my own blog and get one going. It will only be a short simple one.

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  7. Thank you for the thanks and honourable mention, Judith. I guess I had better get my Gratitude Saturday post on the go for today…now that it’s officially official!

  8. I think it’s a great idea. I’ve really enjoyed your weekly gratitude write-ups and it’s been encouraging to you and me both. I’m sure that at some point I’ll participate.

    Congrats on the NaNoWriMo badge!


    • Thanks, Nancy. I am happy to see you around again — I was a little concerned. I hope all is well. I’ll look forward to the day when you try the gratitude Saturday — you’ll feel even better!

      • Everything is fine. I’ve been working a lot of hours and am just really tired at night is all. I’m way behind getting Christmas presents bought, even with as little as we still do these days.

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