My Gratitude List 12/08/2012

I have a whole raft of things for which to be grateful today.  I went to a session with a few of the previous dreamers, from other teams.  We ate a pot luck supper, and then sat in the living room and talked about how we’re each following or reworking the dreams we started with.  We talked about making micro-movements toward our goals, rather than trying to take big leaps.  We offered each other the kind of feedback each wanted, and generally had a productive and lovely time.

I am thankful for the circumstances that first led me to Dream Team, and I am grateful for Darreby, the woman who came up with this idea.  I wouldn’t have this blog, had it not been for Dream Team.  And that kick-start got me writing regularly, the one activity I always wanted to do, and never tried.

I am thankful for my readers and other bloggers and followers who will participate in my Gratitude Saturday Challenge.  I believe that only good can come from the process of counting my blessings.  I want to pass that satisfaction  to others, and I am grateful that I have the chance.  And many thanks to Eldy for creating the beautiful badge for this challenge.

I am grateful for my family; grateful that Mom and I are planning to go out for a meal this weekend and enjoy each other’s company; grateful that my father and I were able to have a calm, quite interesting conversation about the world and some of the cultural and political changes happening in it; my sister S., who talked me through setting up wireless access on this laptop, so I may sit in my chair with my foot up.  I am thankful for J., DB.,DC., M., and M.  Each of my siblings goes out of his or her way to make sure I know that I can call on them if I need to.  That is a real blessing, a group like my family having my back.

I am thankful for Dr. Cantlin, my nephrologist, who demonstrated to me how quickly high blood sugar can mess up my kidneys.  I always thought kidney disease was a long, drawn-out process, but from meal to meal, my sugar levels determine if my kidneys are straining or functioning properly.  Important lesson to learn, let me tell you!

I am grateful that I have friends:  each of them touches my life in a different way, every day.  Three years ago, I had one real friend in this town.  Now my circle seems to be ever-expanding.

I am thankful that physical therapy is working so well on my back and my posture.  I have another two weeks worth of sessions, and you should see how tall I am when I stand or sit.  When we were children, our parents drilled into us the benefits of good posture.  Finally, I am getting that back.

And I am thankful for a roof over my head, a job I love, food to eat, clothes to wear.  In general, I live a blessed life.


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