An Update on “My New Toy”

A short while ago, I wrote a post about my new tablet, and about all of the other new things that I waited a long time to let into my life.   Tonight, I let another new entity into my life, against all my better judgment.

I have put off seeing the fourth Indiana Jones movie for several different reasons.  Nothing could live up to the original movie; as far as I was concerned, I didn’t want to see an old Indiana Jones shuffling around a movie set.  No offense targeted at Harrison Ford.  I just know what I was like then, and what I am now — especially a lot slower.

I didn’t believe any scriptwriter could possibly write another story as compelling as Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I questioned Temple of Doom, which stretched pretty far in an attempt to bring back Dr. Jones with the same gusto.  And, the blonde actress, Kate Capshaw, was a little too far from normal — I would have been more comfortable with almost any other actress.

The Last Crusade, the third movie in the series, was a vast improvement, due in large part to the believability of Sean Connory as Indie’s dad, a scholar obsessed with Grail legend.  Alongside some predictable father-son conflicts, we are offered very believable characteristics, with the uninvolved father, who was focused so singularly on the Grail legend that he missed most of Indiana’s outstanding, adventuresome teen age and young adulthood. A common tale, but handled really well.

Given the above, you might perhaps understand why I was so reluctant to see The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull  I was certain that it would be a disappointment, and I didn’t want to give over the Indie space in my head to an inferior movie.  But, now that I’ve seen it, I wish I had overcome my irrational fear much sooner.  It is irrational, as I’ve proved to myself dozens of times.  So many of the different things I’ve avoided, TV shows, movies, books, singers and songs, have all become real favorites of mine.  One would think I’d have learned by now.

All I can do is remember this feeling, and the victory over it I accomplished today, and hope I come around a little sooner next time.


10 responses to “An Update on “My New Toy”

  1. I enjoyed the movie, it was good. But Harrison Ford is getting a little long in the tooth (IMHO). I loved it right up until the end when the UFO was discovered, I hate it when writers pull the old “unexplained UFO” to cover the end of a book and neatly wrap things up. I felt cheated.

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