You Get What You Wish For

Okay.  Close your eyes and make a wish.

Don’t tell me or anyone what you wished for.  That negates the magic.

Now think about this:  Did you wish for something that would make you happy?  Whatever it might be: money, or love, or health, or happiness; a car, a toy, a new TV, a wicked computer; a date, a friend, the downfall of an enemy, a true love — the things we wish for are as different as we are, but usually, we want our wishes to make us happy, and we most often believe they can.

Now what would happen if every wish you made came true?  How about every thought?  If you thought about being happy, you’d be happy, and if you thought about being miserable, you’d be miserable.  Think you’d like that?  If that were the case, I imagine all of us would try a lot harder to think of and wish for only positive things.

Well, that is what the Law of Attraction, from Abraham Hicks, explains to us.  The Law of Attraction says that like calls to like.  That happiness calls to us more happiness, and that sadness opens us up to more sadness.  This rule is simple, but so powerful, and it is present in every person’s life, whether you recognize it, or not.

Look at your life this way.  Are you happy?  Are you sad?  Think about the parts of your life you focus on every day.  If I asked you today, what is happening in your life, do you know what answer you’d give?  I remember years upon years, when that question brought out in me the long, sad story of my health — every surgery, every illness, especially every time I was in danger of losing my life.  I had that story down pat.  I never even considered telling a different story; I thought that one was the only one I had.

Even after I understood that to change my life, I had to change my focus, I couldn’t bring myself to see my life as positive in any little tiny way.    I heard from my sister, who knew so well the life I’d led — she was and is my sounding board, my confidante, and my best friend.  I learned about looking at life as though my Glass were Half Full, from an old friend who came back into my life at exactly the right time.  And I learned about making a decision to chase after my dreams, from my dear friend Darreby, who has been such a positive influence in my life.  During all this time, I began to think little thoughts about living a better life.

Thinking those little happy thoughts opened my life to more happiness.  Just as I had opened my life to misery through my focus, now I began to focus on happy happenings in my life, special people and this beautiful world.  Before I knew it, my heart filled more and more with joy, and sadness was in the past.

Until it wasn’t.  After weeks of being on top of the world, I suddenly experienced an old feeling of sadness, acute and seemingly inescapable.  I felt as though the few months when I felt better were just an aberration, and that I belonged in the depression I’d lived in so long.  This lasted for about two days, and I decided I’d had enough.  I shifted my focus from happiness to contentment — I realized that even happy people aren’t happy all the time; that everybody has good times and bad times, but the difference is how they handle the bad times.

I don’t feel any less bad, when something awful happens in my life; when I make a really bone-headed move and hurt someone I love, or mess up a project I’m working on, I feel as awful as I ever did.  But I remember that I am human and make mistakes, like every other human.  So I forgive myself, after a few hours of feeling rotten, and step out with the intention of doing better, and of being content with my life.

This is the only life I will live as this Judith.  Regardless of my belief in past lives, or reincarnation or any other incarnations of myself, this is the one time I will be here, alive, in this body, and I have no intention of spending the rest of my time here in misery.  I may not always be jolly, but I will be content.  And for anyone who feels lost in that sadness, just pick one thing to be happy about.  You remembered to brush your teeth.  You got through a day at work.  Maybe you got through a night alone without fearing you would always be that way.  Whatever thought, big or small, that makes you feel the tiniest bit happy, is the place to start changing your focus to the positive.  Take that one step, as I did, and we can all move toward a better, more productive, more joyous and healthy state.  Just one step.


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