For want of some counter space….

I have described my kitchen on this blog, but I think it was a long time ago.  I want to make French Onion Soup, and I have less than a square foot of counter space to cut the onions.  My kitchen includes an enormous pantry, which sight made me very happy at the time I moved in, but all I have done is buy more canned goods and pushed the old ones back — so wasteful.  The pantry is not accessible for counter space, sadly.  I have a 3/4 width stove, and I’ve never used two of the burners.  And I have an apartment-sized microwave that looks like a bank vault on my one free counter.  Today, I decided to do something about all this.

I worked at the hardware store from 8-10 today, and afterwards, I went back into the housewares section of the store and looked at cutting boards.  I didn’t see any made of silicon, (I don’t know if they exist,) but that was what I wanted, because I am going to lay the cutting board on the stove top, which gives me 15″ x 21″ of new cutting space.  I didn’t want to buy one in a kitchen supply type place, because I get a great discount at the hardware store.

I asked one of the supervisors to see if Ace even carried a cutting board made of silicon.  They don’t — she printed me the information for a polypropylene board, but if I were to use anything that is combustible/melt-able, it would be wood, not plastic.

Apparently, millions of people already thought of this, but I'm still quite proud.

Apparently, millions of people already thought of this, but I’m still quite proud that I came up with it on my own

There it was:  a butcher block cutting board in the size I wanted.  Actually, I bought a pastry board, but the name makes no difference.  And whereas the retail price was a whopping $25.00USD, with my discount the board came in at $14.00USD, so I feel like that was a relatively inexpensive investment that will more than pay for itself the first time I use it.

Absolutely no big deal, but I felt so proud — I thought of it myself, I solved a problem I’ve had for a loooooooong time, and I got it done, all on the same day.  For me, that is quite an achievement.  I think I’ll go make some soup.


17 responses to “For want of some counter space….

  1. I love the professional way you thought the problem and from there took the proper steps to solve a tremendous hinderance and source of aggravation in the kitchen. I almost have the same problem with space, and you give me so many solid ideas. What would I do without you and that great thought machine you have.

    If I could afford it, I would love to hire you to plan for me, but alas, there is another one of my problems that we both share, money.

    Have a wonderful day and pat yourself on the back. You deserve a few of those, and then back to work doing what you do best.

    • Harriet, you are the sweetest woman I know! I just figured that after 36 years, I needed to think again, not just react. And if I can help you plan something, don’t worry about money — just give me a holler.

      • Maybe that’s my problem, I have lost my thinking cap. Don’t worry, I will get in contact with you after this wonderful Christmas season and you can give me some advice. LOL. Have a Very Blessed Christmas, my dear friend,and may God’s richest blessings fall all around you.

      • And all goodness and joy and light to you, on this wonderful day. Thank you for your blessings — mine are here for you, as well. I wish for you a peaceful, meaningful Christmas holiday. XOXOXO

      • For some reason, REPLY didn’t come up on your response about the man with the transplant. I know he and his brother would both appreciate knowing you are praying for them. You have such a generous soul. I’m very happy to know you!

  2. Love it. And who cares if millions have thought of it before. You found it coz you needed to find it. I have the opposite problem. My stove and cook top are not half the size I would like. But they are functional and I cannot do anything about it. 🙂

    • I never before had a stove as small as this — and it still has 4 full size burners, but they are all so close together that there is always a risk of something getting too hot, or burning, if it is on a burner next to one I’m cooking on. This solution is really nice, though. Thanks for your encouragement, my friend!

  3. Judith—what a great solution. and i really laughed out loud about your comment about pantries and excess canned goods!! I am giving you blog of the year award…..i just have to your link to copy into my post..will be back.

    • thank you so much, Kate! That really makes me grin! (sweaty old me who just got done with her first French Onion Soup. It’s in the slow cooker. Thanks for your kind words — I’m glad the pantry makes you laugh — every couple of years I try to weed out stuff that is way over its date, but I know there are some in there now that are going to have to wait while I enjoy my life in the blogiverse!

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