My reaction

I have watched news videos and read blog posts, and I offer a few words to express my horror at both of the multiple fatal shootings this week.

On Tuesday, December 11, a 22-year-old man shot and killed two people, and then himself, in an Oregon mall.  I have no plan to attempt to describe this shooting, or the one that happened the next day.  Follow links in this post to read accounts of this shooting, and the shooting the following day at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut, during which 20 young children and 6 adults were shot and killed.  The shooter in this case killed himself, as well.

Motives have not been assigned to these two terrible events.  NBCConnecticut reported that Adam Lanza had an altercation with four staff members in the Sandy Hook school on the day before the shooting.  Three of those four staff members were among the victims of Lanza’s rampage.  In addition, Lanza’s mother, Nancy Lanza, was found dead in a house in Newtown.  Police suspect Adam Lanza in that killing, as well.

Despite early news reports, Nancy Lanza was not an instructor in the Newtown School.

Jacob Tyler Roberts, the 22-year-old shooter in the Oregon incident, apparently failed to achieve a couple of lifelong dreams:  to be a hero and to join the Marines.  According to Robert’s aunt, Roberts broke his foot, requiring 5 steel pins to repair the break.  This situation blocked Roberts from becoming a Marine.

That is everything I’ve heard or read or found so far.  I offer these links as pathways to readers who seek to understand the mindless, insane incidents which haunt our country and our world this week.  There is no statement to be found from the National Rifle Association, although a statement was made by NRA president/CEO Wayne LaPierre on December 6, following sportscaster Bob Costas’ reaction to the murder/suicide of pro football player Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend:

LaPierre’s statement included accusations that liberals are anti-2nd Amendment, that they are using these tragic shootings to “further their agenda” for gun control.

Mr. LaPierre, I respond that you yourself, and the entire membership of the NRA, as well as political conservatives in this country, use these national tragedies to forward an anti-liberal bias, and to scare ordinary Americans into supporting the conservative agenda.  You, Mr. LaPierre, should hang your head in shame for every word you say about how good the ownership of firearms is in America.

I dare you to face a single parent of one of the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School and say that more gun ownership is the answer.  Look them in the eye and tell them their 7-year-old children would have saved their own lives if they were carrying handguns.  For that is what you are implying here.  I join the world in crying “Foul” at your ignorance and insensitivity.


8 responses to “My reaction

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  2. Your last paragraph is spot on. I am not eloquent enough to put my thoughts into words, but I will try. My first reaction to these killings is that something went terribly wrong either in their personal or work like and they had to make someone else pay for their sorrow. An example would be the killing of kids coz ‘if I can’t have mine, then you can’t have yours’ in a custody battle. Then there’s the whole gaming and music issues with the Batman thing. Where does it stop. As a parent I feel for all parents involved, what turns a sweet young man into a killing machine. Will my kids come home from school today. It’s for these reasons I am glad that after 1996 we have strict gun control here.
    Having a gun is not going to help me protect myself. If everyone has one, it does or make me feel any safer. Less is better. And stricter controls. The carrying of arms serves to make more people paranoid and trigger happy. It’s been mentioned about the whole “I’m ready to protect myself at the drop of a hat” Why do you need to protect yourself? The guy next to you carrying a gun? He might suddenly open fire. What if he’s thinking the same thing about you…?

    While I feel for the family of the shooter, how do they feel, what are they thinking?? It is better that they choose to kill themselves as a fair trial would never happen.

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