Gratitude Saturday list 12/22/2012

Today’s list will be a little short — I’ve got to get some sleep.

I am thankful that the world didn’t end — I would have felt pretty dumb!

I am grateful for all of my family, and for my friends, both here and online.  You all play a much greater role than you know, in helping me to keep my sanity and stay cheerful.  I love you all, and I have nothing but the very best wishes for you all, for a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.

I am grateful for my various medical caregivers.  Dr. Brodsky, my endocrinologist, and my whole team there at the Diabetes and Endo Center in Scarborough have helped me change my life and my outlook to an amazing degree.  But we now have a Diabetes and Endo Center in the hospital 15 minutes from here, so I have decided to transfer my care.  Irwin, Andy, Jacqueline, Crystal, Carol, Linda, and all the various lovely ladies who work at the intake desk  are without a doubt the best medical-care team I ever had, and I will miss them.  Thanks, you guys, for bringing me back a ways from the brink.

I am thankful and thrilled with the physical therapy sessions I have had in the last couple of months.  My posture is so improved that I’ve gained back 2 inches I had lost by slumping over.  And, miraculously, the exercises they give me for my neck are putting my head back on top of my body, instead of leaning forward.  All of these results I never thought were possible again.  I guess that shows me that even the insurmountable is not impossible.  I just need the right tools!

We had a few spits of snow today, but I have less and less hope for a white Christmas.  Nevertheless, the warmer weather is quite welcome.  I don’t remember going out in a hoodie in December when I was younger.  I hope each of you traveling, and all of your families and friends as well, travel safely and without incident on this busy holiday.

I have a wonderful niece named Mary Veronica, whom I dubbed Mary Valentine on the day she was born.  Her birthday is Sunday, and I wish for Mary all the happiness in the world.  You are already handling this exciting stage of your life better than I did, which is a relief.  I love you, honey.

I love all of you, and almost all the world today — I’m still stretching toward good feelings for Rep. Boehner.  I don’t know how long that will take!  Happy weekend, and merry Christmas, and please know that I am grateful for you.


10 responses to “Gratitude Saturday list 12/22/2012

  1. It’s funny, probably, but I am both grateful for you and all that you are and love you very much. Merry Christmas, Judith. Glow like that Christmas tree with all the balls, dolls, and lights hanging from your every limb. Enjoy your family. You really cheered my heart with your lovely post and I will treasure your words.

      • I will try to send you a picture. Are you trying to scare some mice away or something? That picture is not very clear anyway. Maybe I shall shoot one of myself in a better light. It will be much better to scare anything away!

      • Come on. I just noticed how much we look alike in our Gravatar photos — probably not up close, but from here, you have the same-shaped face, exact same smile, same haircut. I can’t wait to see how we compare up close! The only camera I have is my phone, but I think my sister took some photos yesterday. I’ll see. Hope your day is great! 😎

      • All I have is the phone, but I do have a pic of Gene and me in the front yard. Only problem is that I can’t get it sent in a larger size yet.. .Can’t wait to see the similarities. I have been thinking the same thing, but haven’t said anything thus far for fear of scaring you to death. I wouldn’t want that at all.

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