Representative? I think not.

I am watching Young Turks with Cenk Uygur, an hour-long program of news, politics, and refreshing discussion.  This program appears on Current TV at 7:00EST.  Current TV has an obvious progressive slant, but Cenk is the only newsman in the country who criticizes progressives for their mistakes, as well as doing the same for conservatives.  Cenk is Turkish-American, and at one point in his show he opens discussion between a guest or two, plus two or three cast members.  Young Turks  is the best news hour on TV.  So say I.  Watch it.

Cenk opened tonight’s show with the appearance by a parent of a child victim from the Sandy Hook Massacre who is organizing in an effort called, to get sensible gun legislation in this country.  When I heard this parent, who is setting aside her enormous grief to promote this very reasonable idea, I also heard that 34 Americans are killed with guns every single day.  How disgusting is that?

Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the House for the 113th Congress, has opposed gun control legislation, and actually supported legislation which would lower the gun purchase waiting period from three days to one.  He co-sponsored legislation which would ban gun registration and trigger locks in Washington DC.  The Speaker of the House, third in line for the presidency if that horrible possibility arises, wants to eliminate gun registration — the single biggest deterrent to gun violence.   What is happening to our country?

I also heard on Young Turks that the Tea Party, so virulent and frightening in 2010, is the party of only 8% of U.S. Citizenry.  Why, then, is the most important job in the House held by a proponent of these fringe values?  I see the Republican Party members and leaders have made defeating Obama on all fronts their primary job; they’ve forgotten that voting in the interest of the American people, regardless of party, is their real job.

I think some readers, including a couple of people to whom I am related, will accuse me of taking an overly progressive position on gun control.  I believe that the protections I advocate are quite reasonable, and our Congress should be implementing this kind of law, not voting for its opposite.  Their duty is to maintain the law, according to the constitution, and not just according to the interpretation of one portion of that document by some of the people, nor according to one well-funded gun-advocacy group which is believed to have power over the careers of those same politicians.  Until we insist that our representatives take us seriously, we will be the horror of political organizations around the world for many years to come.  And who wants that?


2 responses to “Representative? I think not.

  1. The Tea Party succeeds because fanatics are always more active than moderates. Until moderates, which is probably most of America, get fanatical, the fanatics will win.

    It’s the same everywhere. Moderates tend not to get fanatical because they’re reasonable people.

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