How childish can a major news network be?

I learned, a few hours ago, that Fox News will be shutting down during the public inauguration of Barack Obama into his second term.  How incredibly obvious can they be?  They say they are closing down for Routine Maintenance — I suggest they are refusing to air this national event tomorrow because they have been, (for the last few years, at least,) acting like a bunch of big babies who just want to take their bat and ball and go home.  For more than 200 years, Inauguration Day has been the time for putting the animosity of election politics behind us, if only for one day.  What now, then, is different?

Well, some members of the Republican party, and of the conservative audience of Fox News, have taken the position that, regardless of what may be best for the country, they are firm in their plan to refuse any actions that put them in the position of cooperating with the Obama administration.  The far-right side of the aisle is quite childishly pouting about Obama’s election.  I am not speaking of all conservatives in general — I am referring to the extreme fringes of the conservative side, where dwell such stellar cooperators as Rush Limbaugh and Rep. John Boehner.

How much more of this behavior are we, the majority of Americans, going to be asked to tolerate?  Boehner’s refusal to call for a vote on the recent fiscal cliff correction legislation is only one example; on all fronts, these politicians and civilian members of the Republican party are more than satisfied to act directly against the best wishes of the country, so as not to be seen cooperating with “the enemy,” us.

Think of the other place in life where we so often see one side of an argument refusing to consider that someone else might just possibly have a valid idea in a disagreement.  I am speaking of the three- or four-year old toddler, who will hold his/her breath until they pass out, or yell at the top of their lungs, before acting like civilized human beings.  Three- and four-year-olds may be excused, however — they have not yet learned about getting along with others.  I see no excuse for politicians and media representatives to act this way — presumably they have learned that lesson, and are civilized, (I could be wrong, though.)

Lest I be accused of a one-sided argument, I will add that all politicians, regardless of party affiliation, are expected by the American people to act as representatives, not of the lunatic fringe, but rather of all the people who elected them.  Name-calling, and this ridiculous shut-down of Fox News in the face of a national inauguration, are behaviors we should refuse to tolerate.  Since we cannot spank the butts of the ones willing to hold out like this, I have one suggestion:  Remember this, in 2014, American citizen, and vote with your feet, please.


8 responses to “How childish can a major news network be?

  1. Seriously?

    It is terrifying to think of how polarised American politics has become. Incredible now to think that it was a Republican who abolished slavery. How sad that is. I can’t imagine ANY major news network behaving that way in this country…you know, as I wrote that, it occurred to me that our own BBC does a similar thing, but discreetly, by ignoring major – and minor – events it doesn’t approve of.

    I hope Americans show their disapproval by doing what I do – watching another channel. See how firm Fox News is when advertisers start staying away.

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