Gratitude Saturday List 01/26/2013

Today is a sunny, frigid day in coastal Maine — 11℉, which is -11.667℃, by the way.  Brrrrr!  But as long as the sun shines, the cold is bearable.

I have much to be grateful for, this week.

Gratitude Saturday Challenge Badge(with thanks to Eldy)

Gratitude Saturday Challenge Badge
(with thanks to Eldy)

For starters, I now have my boss’ permission to come into work 10 minutes late, so I can take the $1.00 city bus instead of a $5.00 taxi ride.  Even though the bus stops here at my building twice every hour, at x:11 and x:41 past the hour, it goes by work around x:06 past, so I will need to walk to the end of my street to catch the bus in the morning.  After work, I can either go straight to the grocery store, or one stop over, to my house.  This is going to be such a benefit — leaves more money in my pocket, and gives me an automatic thirty-minute walk on work days.

Somehow, I broke through a months-long block, and I’m keeping careful records of my blood sugar and food intake once again.  Because I am seeing so much improvement in my weight and types of food I eat, I am once again inspired to write stuff down.  Now I need to break through the block in the way of writing down the same info when I am off my program — I know I will be, at some time or another, but if I can keep track, I am far more likely to get stuff back in line.  I feel like a psychotic diabetic, or maybe just unbalanced!

I am so thankful that the days are already noticeably longer — in the heart of winter, our night started around 4:00PM.  Now, a month or so later, 4:00PM brings dusk, but not dark.  An hour’s difference is huge, when I think about sunlight.

I am thankful for Sister S. and Sister J., both of whom I spoke with this past week.  S. had the nasty flu that’s ravaging the country, but she feels a little better now.  J. recently lost a good friend to “natural causes,” according to his obituary.  I am fortunate enough to remember some of my pastor-stuff, and I am gladly helping her through the grieving process.  My other siblings are all doing well — my youngest sister, M., celebrates a birthday on January 30.  Happy birthday, M!

Sister DB and I attended a Masonic installation of officers, last week.  My dad was being installed into the office of Senior Deacon, and he was very proud to introduce us.  Unexpectedly, the installation ceremony was casual, with a lot of laughing and side comments — a real surprise to me, since Rainbow Girl installations were deadly serious.

Mom and I have decided to tour Scandinavia when I win the lottery.  Meanwhile, Mom mentioned seeing the Sand Hill Crane migration in Nebraska, sometime.  I hope we can do that!

One of the members of my writing group, the Guppies, (Great Unpublished,) has finished her first draft!  All of my friends are doing well — I am lucky to have so many.

I feel terrific, and I am so thankful for that!  I am truly a much-blessed woman.


5 responses to “Gratitude Saturday List 01/26/2013

  1. i love the concept you have of gratitude saturdays == what a great idea. i know what you mean about feeling joyous that the days are getting longer. it is almost as if i forget how much i love it when the sky is still light as evening progresses! i forget every year–and i am so delighted when i get to remember 🙂

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    • Even though we’ve just had the coldest week so far this winter, the extra light is awakening some hope in me that spring will come soon. Thanks for your encouragement, as always, David. I value your opinion as a writer and a friend.

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