Finally (100-Word Challenge for GrownUps — Week #75)

100-Word Challenge for GrownUpsImage Courtesy:  Julia's Place

100-Word Challenge for GrownUps
Image Courtesy: Julia’s Place

(I am placing my 100-word entry first, with the challenge below, in order to avoid confusion.  Remember, go to Julia’s Place to read other entries.)

Well, here I am.  I thought we might never get here — that last road is so long.

Jerzy is standing over the fence and next to the cliff, taking pictures.  I don’t know; how does he stand there?  He is very hung over.

I would so love to get to the Colorado River at the bottom of this gorge: there, I could reach into the river and lift out a stone that’s more than a billion years old.  Solid in a scary, uncertain world.  But no — he’s leaving soon, and if I’m not in the car, he’ll leave me —  Hey…

THE CHALLENGE:  This week, I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are one of those figures looking out over the Grand Canyon.

image011Your 100 words can either by the conversation that might happen or your thoughts as you look and experience the scene.

Please make sure there is a link back to here so that other folks can find us.


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