Gratitude Saturday Challenge — 02/02/2013

If I wasn’t having such fun, I might be alarmed that Saturdays roll around so quickly; as it is, for the first time, my days are so often pleasant that I cannot be surprised by the passing of time.  I understand the blessings of my life are brought closer by my decision to act like a grownup — exercise, diet, (sometimes,) and activities and people with whom I enjoy the hours of my day.  All of these and so many more blessings — I am exceedingly grateful.

First, of course, my family.  Mom and I are going to a basketball game this afternoon — only the second time in decades, for me.  I can’t wait; I used to go to every high school basketball game we had at home, and some of the away games as well.  Today we are going to Bowdoin College, in the next town over, to watch the women’s team take on Williams College.  I expect Bowdoin to prevail — handily.

I haven’t spoken to sister S. in a while; I believe she must be okay, or I’d have heard.  Hopefully we can catch up soon.  Sister J, who lives in Poway, CA, recently lost a good friend, and we’ve been talking a lot.  She is doing remarkably well — I hope I will be so together when a loss like that comes along.  My youngest sister had a birthday recently, so we talked that evening.  One slight difficulty in a large family — I often find it challenging, keeping in touch with most of my family.

I am feeling great, physically.  I was playing solitaire on my tablet while I pedaled, yesterday, and lost track of time.  I ended up pedaling for almost an hour.  I stop by the elevator regularly, but by the time it gets to the third floor, I’ve remembered that I am using the stairs.  They get a little bit easier every time.  Food is a little more complicated, as it always has been.  Last night, I ate seventeen green grapes, covered the 15 grams with a bolus, and then woke up with a blood sugar over 300.  It sucks sometimes, but if I can start exercising at 52, I can control my food intake the same way — just decide that it must be done, and then do it.

I’m back to two days a week at work, which feels pretty good.  Hopefully, in the spring, I can add another day — we’ll have to see if available hours come up.  I noticed, at work last Wednesday, that I don’t stand still behind the register anymore.  I assume this is the result of having movement in my life.  Anyway, work was a lot of fun, and went by quite quickly.

As I sit here typing, the sun is shining, and the flag is waving gently.  The temp is below freezing, and I think it’s supposed to stay cold for a while now.  But that’s okay, too — I live in a safe, warm, dry apartment, and I have food in the fridge and the pantry.  For the first time in my life, I am unworried about health care, happy, and enormously grateful for all the things I have listed here, and many, many more.

I thought life would continue as it was this past year, quiet and comfortable, but not too much fun.  Well, I had no idea.  Now, I do.  I don’t expect to be this content all the time, but the way I feel today is now my benchmark for an ordinary day — a state to aim for, an achievable goal to which I now aspire.


6 responses to “Gratitude Saturday Challenge — 02/02/2013

    • Honestly, I am disgustingly pleased with myself — I realized today that this gloating feeling was directed at my old self, and I had to review loving myself for doing the best I could at the time. Thanks!

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    • HI Gabrielle! MY father talked and talked about the importance of sleep, and I ignored him, as I so often did. NOw I understand what he meant all those years, and I try to snooze for an hour every day. I’m sorry I took such a long time to answer this — you can make that nap happen, but maybe, like I was, you are too busy living to sleep any time away. THanks, friend!

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