One More Quick Note…

I am woefully behind  concerning the reading of and commenting on your posts.  I have pared my list down as far as I can, and I am still inundated with emails every day — between 80 and 100, usually, after I’ve deleted all the junk.

I am speed-reading some of your posts, and taking a little time with others.  If I don’t comment, please know that I have perused your writing, but not found enough time to comment.  This is not meant as a reflection on the calibre of writing you are all putting out — that continues to exceed expectations almost every day.

I apologize for lost opportunities.  I love reading your posts, and I always want to comment.  Sometimes I have to force myself not to.  Thanks for your understanding.

Another stats announcement — I noticed today that I am over 29,000 views, heading for 30,000.  So thanks, as well, for that!


13 responses to “One More Quick Note…

    • Thank you so much, Jake. But I think you do have great writing — your definition/description of each week’s subject for the photo challenge is clear, well-thought-out, and getting better each week. I am so proud of you — remember, we met before you started the challenge, and I bet you have 100-200 people participating! Great job!

    • Thanks so much — I would love to be able to tell how many of those views have come from you — almost from the very beginning, you have been such a faithful reader, with so many smart, funny lines to add to the conversation!

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