Songs I Am Listening To Right Now

Today, I am playing the radio on my tablet as I write — such a string of great songs that my Songs I Listened to Then is now Songs I am Listening to Right Now.

First song is Dream On, a hit that put Aerosmith in the public eye.  This song came out in 1973, on the band’s self-titled LP.  Not much to say — except this is in my top five best-ever rock songs.  Here’s Aerosmith, with Dream On:


Another great song I just heard — Do Ya (Want My Love) by Electric Light Orchestra.  This amazing band, and this terrific song, played a prominent role in my high school world.  The upbeat, almost laugh-like joy of this number made ELO a favorite, not only among us teenagers, but across the spectrum of age and love of music.  From A New World Order, this is ELO’s Do Ya:


The Jokerby Steve Miller Band, was the title track of their eighth album, and was a commercial hit, unlike previous singles by this band.  This song was likely most popular among high school kids because Miller calls himself “a toker,” a not so subtle reference to smoking pot.  Here is Steve Miller Band, with their 1973 hit, The Joker:


Finally, the fourth song of this group was Thelma Houston’s Don’t Leave Me This Way, which reached number 7 in the 1977 Billboard Hot 100.  This single was an international mega-hit, and helped to usher in Disco Music, much maligned at the time, but more acceptable in dance clubs these days.  Here she is, with Don’t Leave Me This Way:


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    • Thank you for your kindness,and also for you review of this post.. I am so sorry that I didn[t answert you sooner — I am in a nursing home, of sorts,, healing from a broken hip and femur.

      I’ll pay some attention over the next few months, and I hope you come back for a visit.

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