Feeling Thankful — Gratitude Saturday Challenge 02/15/2013

N.B. I am still unable to post images to this blog, and thus I have been unable to include the lovely badge created by Eldy.  You can see it on her site, Loving Life:  A Green Journey; this address is last week’s Gratitude Post, but she will also have one today.  Thanks so much, Eldy!

I have many positive circumstances in my life right now — I just got through a slew of appointments, five in all, and I can say without a doubt that I am thankful for the people who help me manage my medical conditions, and for the people, likely many of you, whose taxes help fund the cost of that care.  I am grateful, as well, for such a great team of care providers — doctors, nurses, educators, even the really cool administrative people I see in most of those offices.  Once again, I offer a hearty thanks to the Cosmos for placing my energy, and this body, in this time; one hundred years ago, diabetics usually lived at most one to two years after diagnosis, and that death was a function of starvation.

This site offers the explanation for the word, diabetes, which I only learned today:

Diabetes, from the Greek word meaning “to pass through” or “pipe-like” has been claiming lives for thousands of years. A diabetic’s body is unable to utilize food’s nutrients as energy, causing extra sugar to collect in blood and urine (Bliss 20). Food simply “passes through” the body, without [the body] absorbing any nutrients.


I wandered away from the objects of my gratitude, so let’s get back to it.

My exercise program continues well — I am still pedaling 45 minutes a day, and climbing stairs twice a day.  I got a chance to talk to my sister, J., who bought the pedal exerciser for me for Christmas; I was thrilled to thank her and tell her how well it is working.  Thanks again — I love it!

My family members move gently along the individual paths of their lives.  I am very sorry to say that the Atwood family is not exempt from the nasty, long-lasting cold traveling around the country; sister S., brother-in-law B., brother-in-law J., and I would guess many others are now, or have recently wrestled with the sniffles, sneezing, coughing, and all the other lovely effects of this misery.  I am grateful, however, that I have been spared thus far.

Maybe oddly, I am quite grateful for getting nauseous and throwing up after hurrying up the stairs without a break yesterday.  I did not stay sick — I felt better after a couple of hours’ rest.  I learned an important lesson yesterday — no matter how cheerful I am, or how much I move around, my nearly-53-year-old body has experienced enough to demand my respect.  If I had stopped, and rested, halfway up the stairs, I would have felt fine.  I will, next time.

Thursday, one fellow drove me to and from Portland for an appointment.  Unlike many of the drivers for Coastal Trans, he was an excellent conversationalist — we really enjoyed the trip.  Both he and his sister received diagnoses of diabetes late last year, and I was able to direct them to the Diabetes Center nearby.  This friendly driver made the trip quite enjoyable, rather than the silent, long haul that ride often is.

Finally, I am profoundly grateful that the sun is higher in the sky, and the days are over an hour longer than they were in December.  These circumstances, arriving together, serve to boost my already-rising goodwill to new heights.  As the world begins to stir, and life prepares to return to our planet, I give the deepest thanks that I am alive.  I am a very lucky woman.


3 responses to “Feeling Thankful — Gratitude Saturday Challenge 02/15/2013

  1. I so enjoy these posts. I think I learn more about you on Gratitude Saturday than I do the other posts – I think because they’re more personal about what you did and how you did it. Keep up the good work!


      • I keep meaning to, but right I’m struggling to post anything. I’m doing good with my 2013 goals, but blogging has fallen to the bottom of my to do list, at least for now.

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