My State of the Blog post, 2013

I looked at my Posts list this morning, and noted that I have no categories, and very few tags.  Most of this is my own fault — I have been distracted by the computer situation lately.  But I checked my category list, and I did in fact create a category Songs I Am Listening to Right Now.  I think I must have forgotten to save something.  I will reserve some of my attention to getting back to these additions.

The computer madness is partially resolved — I started the laptop, and while it took around a minute holding the start button, it did eventually get going again.  I am not going to shut it off from now on — just let it sleep when I’m not actively using it.  Concerning ny tablet, and editing text, I have figured it out — regardless of where I place my cursor, I must first highlight the entire text with a little orange box.  Annoying, but doable, and I know that in a couple of weeks I won’t even notice.

I am going to start a new process for posting — I will write my posts on the tablet, which I can use anywhere, but I will edit them on the Apple.  I love the portability of the tablet, and with the keyboard added on, this becomes a very nice writing tool.

I am feeling the itch to write poetry again.  I attribute this to the warming, (ever so slightly,) weather.  The sun continues to sit higher in the sky each day; my overall demeanor improves right along with it.  I wore earrings three days in a row this week — a step in my daily prep I’ve ignored for years.  I recall the bright, chunky jewelry I wore in the ’80s, back when plastic was cool.  I will maintain this practice now — my ears had almost grown shut, and I don’t want to have to deal with that again.

I know I have other news from my bloggy world, but I can’t think of anything now, except that my enthusiasm for writing is beginning to grow again.  Hopefully, by November, I’ll be up to another 50,000 for NaNoWriMo.


6 responses to “My State of the Blog post, 2013

  1. State of the Blog Post – brilliant! Don’t be surprised if you start a trend.

    I always thought the State of the Union had to be presented on January 20th but I guess the President was busy that day 🙂

    I had a look at Wikipedia and the history of the SotU is fascinating.

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