I’d like to ask everyone for good wishes and healing thougts — my dad’s appendix ruptured, and he was taken to emergency surgery this morning early.  They were able to perform the surgery lapariscopicly, which hopefully will mean shorter healing time.  Dad is in the best health I’ve seen in years — he just lost some weight, and that will also help.

Sister DB and I went up to see him in the hospital — we didn’t stay long, as he nodded off once or twice, and we could tell he was fighting to keep his eyes open.  He will be discharged tomorrow, which I know because I already decided he is going to be just fine!  Thank you all for the blessings I know you will send this way.


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    • THank you, JM — Dad appreciated knowing that my blog friends would be supporting him in spirit. HE’s going to be an extra day, because of dehydration, but they caught it, so that’s okay. I can’t wait to get him out of the hospital!

  1. Many blessings and healing vibes for your Dad…I, too have a good feeling he will be fine! It’s a wonderful sign he’s being discharged tomorrow Judith. You take care, too and sending hugs your way.

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