From room 245, Midcoast

I am clearheaded enough, finally, to write about what’s been going on in my life.  I am in the hospital after a pretty serus fall — I tripped in the house, and landed square on my left hip.  I am still not sure about the particulats, but the doc said he  did half-a-hip replacement.  I am seriously bionic, so look out!

I’ve had some kidney trouble — seems like this is the place for me to get in that kind of mess.  My numbers are better today, but I had to fight with the kitchen staff to stop sending me oranges and bananas.  As soon as I backed off the potassium, my creatinine fell from 4.5 to 3.7.

My mind and I have wandered through the other medical emergencies I’ve faced.  I can say with a doubt that this is the first time I’ve felt like I could bring on my own healing.  I know my family and friends, and you, my bloggy familyare sending me good vibes.    My relatives have been amazing and uenergetic and unstoppable.  My love and thanks to every one of you.

I am starting to get a little blurry-eyed, So this is it for now.  I should be able to write regualyly, once I am done with the drugs.  I hope you all are happy and healthy.  More soon.


31 responses to “From room 245, Midcoast

  1. Judith just take care of yourself. I’m so glad that your family is helping you. My prayers will be winging their way to you, and healing vibes!! You’re bionic 🙂 keep your sense of humor! love and hugs, Autumn

    • Autumn, I am so sorry to take so long to reply to this lovely comment — you are always so supportiveand positive. I am grateful to be alive in the time of the internet, which has given me the opportunity to know you, and others like you! 😎

  2. Yikes, Judith, this is terrible news. I hope you are getting better and will be strong enough to venture home soon. Thinking of you and sending all the good healing vibes I can muster your way!

    • Nancy, thanks so much for your support — I am not surprised that youj understand how much easier this has been than it might have — you have been a faithful reader for so long. I’m sorry I took so long to answer your comment. I hope you are well! 😎

  3. Sending lots of healing vibes Judith and also lots of hugs and love your way, too. I was so sad to hear what you’ve been through… please take care, rest, etc. and I will sure be continuing on sending positive thoughts, prayers and good vibes your way!

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