Saturday Gratitude List, 03/15/2013

Oh, I am so grateful today.

I am grateful that I am healing and progressing through my convalescence with minimal difficulty. This involves so much more than feeling positive — all of my family, friends, readers have helped to show me the value of loving myself and caring whether or not I get well, in a way I never felt before. I am monumentally grateful for the blog, which keeps me more in balance than I have ever been!

I am grateful to the taxpayers of the entire USA, whose taxes are paying for my stay in this lovely facility and the skilled help I need. I tried recovering without rehab, and messed it up completely. Now I see the immense value in this process. I am thankful for all of the staff here at Horizons, and for the network of help I see growing around me as I approach the time to go home.

I am grateful for all of you,, my readers and friends, who have poured out your love and support in your comments and your presence. Your very existence recharges my batteries daily, and while I may take a couple of weeks to answer your comments, I see them immediately, and I thank you all.

My Mom has been a rock through all of this, and I send out special love and thanks to her, and to all my family for their love, support, time, gifts, and interest in the course of my recovery. I love you all very much, and I hope to be back on my feet soon and back in touch with your lives. My sister Diane brought me gifts this week that will make me much more able to persist through this nuttiness — Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Orange Crush, sweatshirts and apples and a lovely early birthday gift, a portable DVD player. This last is helping to keep me sane every night, when after dinner, which is 6:00, sees the carpets roll up and most residents in bed. I have watched movies every night since she brought it, and she gets big thank you points for such a kind gift. Thanks, Diane — I love you and your family very much.

The nursing staff here at Horizons are calming down into trust that I am pretty knowledgeable about my diabetes and how to use my pump. That in itself is a huge reason to be grateful.

And to you, my bloggy family, I offer my sincere thanks and love, and I promise I’ll be back on track soon. Thank you for your kind comments and all your good wishes. They mean a lot to me!

I am a very lucky woman.


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