The sun is still shining under the clouds, this morning; it isn’t red, but earlier the sunlight had a saturated yellow tinge,

Early SunlightImage courtesy and Google Images

Early Sunlight
Image courtesy and Google Images

like I remember from Colorado before an approaching thunderstorm.

That odd yellow light Image courtesy of: and Google Images

Yellow Light Before a Thunderstorm
Image courtesy of and Google Images

That sliver of light, first almost pencil thin, grew quickly to fill the living room, and it is just losing the last of the yellow.  Before long, the clouds will block the light altogether, as another gray day begins.  I hope the sky clears, soon.

I am up after only a few hours of sleep, and some odd dreams.  I’m not yet adjusted to being home, and last night, I watched one great movie after another. on Encore.  I shouldn’t take too long to accept that my movies and History 2 are available all the time — before I went to Horizons, I must have depended more on the television than I realized.   Television at Horizons is limited to basic cable.  I watched CNN — always dependable, but often repetitious to a fault.  I must reexamine my boob tube addiction.  Likely not today, but soon.

I watch the sun duck behind the clouds; I am glad I woke early.  But I find myself still exhausted,  Breakfast waits, and then I climb back into bed and sleep a few more hours away.  I must do laundry sometime today, but it will have to wait until I’ve begun my day at a more decent hour.


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