Another Look Out My Living Room Window

A cold snap has descended on us, here in coastal Maine, and with it an amazing northwest wind.  Northwest winds bring along with them the clarity through which I feel as though I can see forever.  The flag is whipping around the pole outside, and the trees, while still mostly looking like big, branchy sticks, are covered in tiny little buds where the new leaves huddle, waiting for warmth  to coax them out of their winter coats, and into the light.  All around, signs of the coming spring are peeking from the soil — crocus, daffodils, tulips all just barely visible above the rich brown dirt where they have hibernated through the cold.

One sure harbinger of warmer weather is the return of the osprey to their nest on the hill, and all around the area.  Before too long, they will be keeping eggs warm through the still cold spring nights.  Not long after that, we’ll see the young osprey in the nest, always hungry, hollering like cowboys at a cookout.

I saw a long line at the car wash yesterday — so much winter muck and mud and salt to clean away.  This is the time of year when people begin to think about spring cleaning, of clearing out closets and emptying the bays in the garage.  Everyone is stepping just a tad more lightly, these days.  After a cold and somewhat unsettling winter, most of us are ready to be warm, and to sit outside, listening to songbirds and smelling cut grass once again.

Spring is coming to us, as it has so many times, in the blustery winds and hopeful faces of those all around us.  I know I have that same anticipatory look on my face.  After all, we can’t stay cold forever.


2 responses to “Another Look Out My Living Room Window

  1. What a great summary Judith. Our spring arrives with less wind, autumn winds tend to blow summer away instead 😉

    Hopefully my winter boots will be in storage soon, then I really will be stepping lightly again!

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