Saturday Gratitude List 04/06/2013

I have a new stat to be thankful for, tonight — I just went to 250 regular followers, despite being absent for so long.  I’d like to take this moment to remind all of you to spend some time on my Friends page — the newer entries are at the top, and there’s a good chance that more readers have joined our family since the last time you looked.

I am healthy, for me.  Blood sugars are good. The pulled muscle from the surgery no longer hurts, but now I have a little pain right in my hip.  I think I can attribute this to sitting in car seats that are too low.  Nevertheless, I am walking and climbing stairs, in an effort to get my strength back by summer.

Mom and I drove down to her hometown today, and spent some time with the historical society.  Mom had pictures and other documents to deliver, and I spent the time looking at the notebooks which concern Mom’s family.  This was actually quite appropriate, as the Historical Society building sits on the site of a small cottage, owned by my grandparents.  My cousin inherited it, and he donated the land to the society.  So I was sitting on what might well have been the spot I’d sat in when last I was in that cottage — in 1970.  Very cool.

My family continue to prosper, for which I am very grateful.  My brother’s two younger children are in boot camp for the navy, and their graduations will be here in just a few weeks.  Apparently, my nephew is doing well — as did his father, he is responding positively to the structure and discipline of boot camp.  My niece has not been well, and may have to push back to the next graduating class — but we hope not!  All the very best of luck to both of you!

Their older sister, and all of my other nieces and nephews are doing well in their chosen jobs or in school.  I find my heart quite warmed at the intelligence of my siblings’ kids, as well as by their friendly, sweet natures.  All of my little nieces and nephew are grown up, or almost — I think the youngest is thirteen or fourteen.  How quickly the time goes by.

Despite cool breezes, we have had a couple of beautiful days — sunny, blue sky days that remind me we are finally in spring.  My mom’s crocuses are up, and tulip and daffodil plants are breaking through the soil everywhere around.  I have managed thus far to keep my two plants healthy — the clover is growing like mad. Most of the trees around this area have budded, although only just, in some cases.  All I need to do is step outside, and I can smell, feel, hear spring all around me.  I saw my first robin earlier this week.

Life is good, and I have much to be thankful for.


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