Changing Plans (working the Law of Attraction)

N.B.  I am offering this method because it worked for me.  I am neither a doctor, a psychologist, or a counselor.  In fact, I strongly recommend discussing these ideas with one of those professionals before beginning.  If anyone hears of a reason not to use this method, please comment, and I will contact you about posting that information.  Any questions?  Leave those in comments, as well, and I’ll get back to you.  Remember, this is not a cure for depression.  I would call it one way to get going in the right direction.

I have written about this before, but it is always a natural followup to yesterday’s topic, Plans Can Change.  Those of you who have heard this all before, please bear with me — we all need reminders about this strategy from time to time.

I am referring to Abraham-Hicks’ Law of Attraction.  In its simplest form, they say, Like attracts more of the same.  For a more detailed explanation, please use the link to go to their site.  I gave a couple of examples of this in the above-mentioned post, but here is a little more info on strategy to apply to ourselves, in order to get this Law working.

Like attracts like means that whatever we are feeling, whatever we are investing with our emotional concentration, will call to us more of the same.  When I was depressed, sad, sick, and lonely, the only thing I could think of was being depressed, sad, sick, and lonely.  By concentrating my energy on feeling negatively about my life, I was inviting more negativity into my life.  Why?  Because I had no room left to think about anything else.  Rarely did a positive thought occur to me, and when one did, I simply drowned it out by feeling sorry for myself.  I didn’t even invite that one fleeting though to find a place in my life outlook.

I was very lucky, in that I had heard the principles of the Law of Attraction for several years, before I really understood what it was doing in my life.  My sister S. pointed out that path to me, and I read the daily affirmations, and I used Don Miguel Ruiz’ Four Agreements cards, as well.  Even though I misunderstood, sometimes, I kept up with the readings — they became part of my daily routine.  So the ideas came way before understanding.

That is the first step.  Go to the links above, and sign up to receive as much positive affirmation as is available.  Read the affirmations, look at the cards — the idea begins to grow quite quickly.

Next, I made a practice of looking in the mirror each morning, to find and acknowledge something I like about myself.  This can be as simple as, “I am happy that I brushed my teeth today.”  When I concentrated on that positive aspect of myself, I began to feel just a little smidgen of happiness.  Remember, like calls to like; by doing this step, I began to invite happiness into my life.

Finally, and this is a toughy, I forgave myself for all the years I didn’t allow happiness in.  I came to realize that my emotional life is in my hands, and no one else will be fixing it for me.  This step is very important, and may be difficult at first.  Remember to be gentle with your spirit.  Don’t let this forgiveness spin you off into some great long list of all the reasons for unhappiness — simply say something like “I forgive myself for taking so long to understand.”  If that brings you happiness, or at least contentment, add it to your routine in front of the mirror.

Do these steps with an open heart, and slowly, the magic will begin to happen.  Regardless of any setbacks, start each morning the same way, and eventually, setbacks become far less threatening.  I feel strongly enough about this strategy that I am glad to put it out for the possible benefit of others.  I hope, for anyone who is reading this post, that they may find contentment and happiness in their lives, as I have in mine.


5 responses to “Changing Plans (working the Law of Attraction)

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  2. I just found you from your Gratitude Saturday post this weekend. I’ve been looking around and I like the energy here on your blog. I’m happy to have found this particular post since I’m struggling with this myself. My age, hormones and a lot of changes in my life recently make it more of a struggle but overall I am normally a happy person. Thanks for sharing this and I will work on this as well.

    • Sherri, you are so very welcome. Every once-in-a-while, somebody asks me why I put such personal information in the public eye. Other than the fact the writing makes things easier for me to understand, I know there has to be someone or someones who feel a similar way. I am so lad you stopped by!

    • Your welcome, my friend — they are a big benefit to me, as well. Be sure to speak up if anything doesn’t sound quite right — I don’t usually give advice so blatantly.

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