The Frog Hunt

My favorite author and my favorite of his writings — if you haven’t read Cannery Row, get it, from a library or a bookstore or online. The story is funny in places, and sad in others. And Steinbeck writes with such clarity — I just wanted to post it once more.

Diabetic Redemption

John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row is a favorite book of mine — perhaps the favorite book of mine.  Weeks ago, I got the idea to include a piece of it as a post, but I couldn’t find my copy anywhere.  So, I ordered a new one, and it arrived today.  My favorite passage in the book is the long paragraph about the Frog Hunt, and here it is:

During the millennia that frogs and men have lived in the same world, it is probable that men have hunted frogs.  And during that time a pattern of hunt and parry has developed.  The man with the net or bow or lance or gun creeps noiselessly, as he thinks, toward the frog.  The pattern requires that the frog sit still, sit very still and wait.  The rules of the game require the frog to wait until the final flicker of a second, when…

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One response to “The Frog Hunt

  1. I haven’t read Steinbeck, actually, but now I think I’ll have a look – thanks for sharing this, Judith 🙂
    By the way, I sent an email to the beta team…did you get it?

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