My perspective on ➸Perspective➷

Abraham-Hicks Daily Affirmations are powerful this week; I am drawing a lot of inspiration from them.  From last Thursday, 04/11/2013:

We are all one Energy Stream, but what makes the separations or distinguishes the differences is perspective. You are a unique and individual perspective.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, January 31st, 1999 # 41

When someone says perspective, my first thought is point of view.  If I were a painter, or worked in some other visual art, I might have a different perspective on perspective — most people have seen a painting or picture wherein the building in the foreground reduces in size, until it reaches an infinitely small point in the far distance.  The idea of different people understanding the meaning of perspective from diverse perspectives makes me smile.

But I am confident that Abraham was referring to our outlook on our lives, our physical bodies, our spiritual connections.  After all, anyone, everyone knows that two people in this world never had exactly the same experience in any part of their lives.  I think our ancestors, near generations and far, had less information to fold into their own perspectives.  But Abraham reminds us that, then or now, every living being is part of the one Energy Stream that flows through the world.

Of course, we find exceptions,as well.  Take, for instance,  extreme conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh, numbers viewers in the millions.  These loyal listeners proudly call themselves Dittoheads.  From the Urban Dictionary:

A true dittohead would follow Rush Limbaugh blindly into the depths of hell if they thought he would allow them to touch one of his Oxycontin stained fingertips.

And, after all, what is a group but people with similar perspectives who gather for support, or strength in numbers or in this case, the comfort of surrendering most of their own ability to think, in favor of believing everything Rush says, true or not.

We are plagued with religious zealotry in this country.  In the last year, many politicians have either said or implied that I should be ruled by their religious perspective, rather than my own.  Some of the rhetoric is thoughtful, but much of it is prejudice.  I do not care if you believe that only the people sitting in your pew at church are going to get into heaven; nor do I mind that these same people often believe I am bound for hellfire and desolation because I don’t believe the way they do.  But when one faction of voters believe that they have the right to ake decisions for the whole country, based on their religious beliefs, I have to protest.  I have a very different perspective.

Interestingly enough,many of the people in our country who claim to hate Muslims because of their religious fervor are most often people who themselves are Christian zealots.

Our myriad collection of points-of-view determine our success in moving in that one Energy Stream.  Here we are back to the Law of Attraction once again.  When I was thinking negatively, and finding only sadness and sickness in my life, I was moving in the opposite direction of the stream of happiness and peace, in which we may all have as big a part as we like.  Now that I have turned my thinking on its head, and found some happiness and contentment in my life, I feel that I am swimming with the Stream, and this direction makes for a much easier trip.  I know that Abraham repeats over and over in his lectures, that our only real task in this life is to be happy — to welcome happiness into our small parts of the great Stream of goodwill and power and Energy free for the taking, simply by wanting it, and by believing it is there.

During the last couple of years, I’ve changed my world view and my view about my place in it, I have returned several times from the struggle of moving against what is obviously right for me.  And I am growing more comfortable, less self-conscious, as I strengthen my ability to choose what is best for me.  After decades of struggling, an easier emotional swim in the Energy Stream is not unwelcome — in fact, I’m loving every minute.


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