Saturday Gratitude List — 04/13/2013

It’s 4:40 PM on Saturday, and I am now finally getting to this post.  I have so much for which I’m grateful today.

First, of course, I am thankful for my family, and the enhanced contact I have had in the last week.  Longer phone calls and good conversations are like sweets to me, without the guilt or the negative consequences.  I am particular excited for my 14-(?)-year-old niece, (how can she possibly already 14?); she is acting in her first big school play this week and next week.  She awoke with a fever today, so she had to miss a couple of performances, but her mom, DC, and all of us are pulling for her to feel better.

Another reason to be grateful, my brother’s twins will be graduating from boot camp in the next couple of weeks.  I’m sure boot camp hasn’t always been easy, and my niece has been sick much of the time, so we aren’t sure she won’t have to wait for the next class.  All the best to both of them.

Mom and I went to the farmers’ market today, and I decided the time had come for me to try a walking stick, instead of the walker.  I did okay, but there were a couple of close calls.  I’m going back to the walker for outdoor trips — I still need to improve my balance.  Other than that, I am feeling great, and after a minor binge last week, I’m back to my simpler diet, the one that’s been working for a long time, if I can just keep my hands off muffins, and whipped cream in a can, (I have no control with that stuff — one mouthful would be okay, but I want the whole can.

My dear friend Darreby and I have our own new private dream team.  We have decided to travel back to the Yucatan, in July 2014.  That should give me time to get into shape, and with Darreby right here, I’ll find it hard to go easy on myself, like I did for my trip with my sister, in 2009.  Besides, I already broke my leg for this year, so I should be fine!  The trip is only 15 months away — I looking excitedly through Expedia, and Bookit, and Cheap Caribbean.

I unwittingly helped my beautiful clover plant, which DC gave me when I was in Horizons.  I left one side of the plant facing the sun for a couple of days. And when I turned it today, I had three delicate little flowers!  They are small and purplish-white, while the 3 leaves cover a size of a large soup spoon.  This is a real  accomplishment for me, and I am so thankful to DC for getting this, and to Nature for finally thriving in my apartment.

One last object of my gratitude — Mom’s washer and dryer.  I am going to stay at her house next week while she visits sister S. in South Carolina.  While I am there, I can wash my clothes without a handful of quarters and a crowd waiting for the second I’m done with a machine.  A first-world problem, for sure, but it will be much more comfortable.

I feel like this is the best time of my life, and I am so grateful.


8 responses to “Saturday Gratitude List — 04/13/2013

    • Thanks, David. I am looking out carefully for bumps and holding on more tightly to get through crowds. I’m glad my post made you smile — that makes my day! 😎

  1. Good as always. You’re wise to continue using the walker if you aren’t quite as balanced as you need to be. You do not need another fall! And it won’t be like this forever (even though it seems that way for now).


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