Saturday Gratitude List 04/20/2014

Greetings from gray, rainy coastal Maine — the perfect day for writing, napping, and eating homemade baked beans and hot dogs for supper, (an important tradition way up here in this corner of the country.)  Maybe Netflix later in the day.

In other words, I am remarkably relaxed.  I’m cat-sitting for my mom at her house, while she visits sister S. in South Carolina, and for a couple of days, a dear friend in North Carolina.  Best of all, I get to sit around with cats all day, and both of hers are big loves.  I am grateful that I can house-sit without worry of emergency — I feel great, and my blood sugars are in really good shape.  Only one over 200 since I’ve been here.

Mom’s cats were in a bully/bullied relationship, so I worried a little about them before I came over.  They are doing very well, though, and if I use both hands and keep them on either side of my body, I can pet them both at once.  I think jealousy is less present, because neither of them feel like I am their person.

Mom and the rest of my family are all doing well.  Dad has lost a whole bunch of weight — he looks terrific, almost as slim as he was as a young man.  I know we are all glad to see this change, because it’s likely adding years to his life.  He and P. are doing very well.  My sister in California sent her only daughter to college this year, and she and M. have become quite intrepid hikers.  She told me recently about their trip to Bryce Canyon and some miles-long hike there.  I am so happy for the two of them — they’ve rediscovered each other.

My brother M. and L.’s, my sister-in-law, saw their  son graduate from boot camp this week, and their daughter will do so at the end of next week.  I am so proud of them both.  M. and L.’s oldest daughter is busting her butt as a manager in a retail store.  She walked right into the job, after meeting her boss.

I have other subjects for which to give thanks, so I will pull together the whole family — everyone is doing well, happy and healthy.  I am overwhelmingly grateful, when I think of it, that I really was the black sheep of the family, and I still never ended up in jail.  My family has its problems, but greater than those are our blessings.

The grass is turning green, and the crocuses are blooming; daffodils and tulips with follow shortly.  Hooray for Spring!

I planned to work yesterday, but I irritated my pulled muscle Thursday, and I decided to wait until later this week.  I stopped in on Wednesday to talk to the manager, and I got to say hi to my boss and my coworkers.  They are looking forward to having me back, almost as excited as I am to get back to it.

I am still enjoying looking at the websites for Mexico; 

Cenote in Xcaret Eco-park Image courtesy: and Google Images

Cenote in Xcaret Eco-park
Image courtesy: and Google Images

(the image here is a cenote I haven’t seen yet, but Darreby and I will,) — now that I know I’m going back, I can hardly wait.  The trip is my incentive to keep moving, and when I get back home, on streets that are flat, rather than a 45-degree angle, left and right, I will be able to start walking in earnest.  In the meanwhile, I continue to marvel at my blood sugars, the most recent of which, about five minutes ago, was 112.  I am more convinced than ever that my frame of mind is influencing my diabetes, as well as the rest of me, with a gentle healing touch.  Nothing amazing, except it is all amazing.

I know I have so much to be grateful for, but this will do for now — lunchtime.  I am a very grateful, and very lucky woman.


4 responses to “Saturday Gratitude List 04/20/2014

  1. That is a great blood sugar reading! Part of it is your increased attention to diet and exercise, but I think your better frame of mind and self-acceptance is helping too. You sound very relaxed and content in this post.


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