A Note on my New Theme

After I implemented a new theme for this blog, I noticed that none of my posts have links to the rest of the posts.  Until I get an answer from WordPress, please know that clicking on the title of the post will bring up the rest of the post.  In addition, links contained in the body of the post are not underlined, but simply colored blue.  If anyone notices any other problems, please notify me.

This situation has been resolved — WP notified me that I must use the More tag further into the post.  Many thanks to aprobertsstories and amberrosalie for giving me tips on using the new theme.  Any other tips are welcome.


9 responses to “A Note on my New Theme

  1. I like your new theme. It’s clean and easy to read. It doesn’t overpower or overwhelm me as a reader.

    Though, I’m not particularly fond of the massive blank space at the bottom of your front page. It seems as if the widgets go down further than you have posts. Of course, this just means that you can have more posts per page. 🙂

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