Saturday Gratitude Challenge 4/27/2013

I have something important for which to give thanks today — I went back to work this morning!  I worked my normal 2-hour shift at the hardware store — I got to see a few dozen customers I haven’t seen in months.  In addition, my co-workers were all happy to see me, and my fellow cashiers greeted me with hugs and loud welcome.  It was absolutely wonderful!

Of course, after my 2-hour shift, I came home and slept for a solid 3 1/2 hours — I didn’t even roll over in bed.  I was pooped!  But that’s okay — for the first couple of weeks, I’m only going to work a couple of hours, and then, when Lori can fit me, I’ll go back up to four.

Saturday Gratitude Badge Courtesy: Eldy

Saturday Gratitude Badge Courtesy: Eldy

(Thank you once again, Eldy, for our lovely badge!)

On a corollary good-news front, I received my ID and a letter of acceptance from a program which gives me 50% off taxi rides, so now I will only lose $5 a day to transportation.  Hooray!  That $10 a day was really digging into my budget.  Still and all, I am quite well aware of the benefits, other than financial, I gain from working.  I thought for a while I might be turning into a mushroom here.  Saturday will be dedicated to straightening up the house, and doing some laundry.

I am, as always, so grateful for my family.  I don’t talk to everybody as often as I wish, but I know they are all pulling for me.  I believe sister DC gave me a little of her green thumb, along with the lovely little shamrock, when I was in Horizons — it is now a lovely BIG shamrock, blossoming every day, and each set of three leaves is the size of a silver dollar.  Thanks so much — I love having growing things in my house.

I continue to squirrel away a few dollars a week for the trip — that Certificate of Deposit was the smartest move I ever made.  Even with virtually no interest, just having that money where I can’t dig into it is a huge step in the right direction.  Darreby and I will be getting together Monday to look at web sites and start forming ideas for the vacation.  Sister S. has begun her travel-magic; she can find the best deals online.  We are lucky to have her help.  Thanks, S.

I came from my first physical therapist appointment on Thursday, and I wondered if I was going to be able to walk.  I believed, when I was there for posture correction, that this PT stuff was nowhere near as bad as some people have said.  Well — the therapist stretched my recently-operated-on leg further than I ever could, and I paid for it after with sore muscles.  He also briefed me on some exercises to do, to avoid some of the joint problems of Lyme disease.  I said I didn’t want to know — remember this?  But he explained that I should know these exercises, anyway, because as we age, our joints are harder and harder to keep free-moving.  That is as far as I let him talk — power of suggestion has never been my friend.

This has been an odd week, but morning and night, when I take my antibiotic, I am deeply grateful that I caught the Lyme disease symptom early.  The bullseye is fading already, and it no longer itches as much, so that is going well.  In fact, my life is going well, and I am thankful and happy to say that, believe me.  Thanks to all of you for sharing this good stuff with me!


5 responses to “Saturday Gratitude Challenge 4/27/2013

  1. Hi Judith. I love this post. Having gratitude brings about such amazing healing. The more we practice gratitude the easier it becomes to be grateful for the really tough things in our lives. Blessings on your journey. Maggie

    • Thanks so much. I am thrilled to have you here. This post is part of a challenge you are welcome to try — write and post a gratitude list every Saturday. That’s all. I am trying to set up a Linky list so we can read each others’ posts.

      • And I was just brought to realise you’re talking about ‘Plinky’ … well we learn something new every day because I had never heard of Plinky until today. It’s a whole new discovery for me 🙂

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