Where I would live — a prompt

Unfortunately, Plinky, (the source of this prompt,) won’t let me log in, or register — I don’t know what’s up.  Anyway, here it is.  And, if you’d like, I answered the same prompt with a sonnet at thesundripshoney.com

A Plinky prompt:

If you could move to any location on the planet, where would you go and why?
If I could live anywhere — hmmmmm.  That is a very complicated question.  I will start by eliminating any of the places in which I lived in my life, not because I wouldn’t like to revisit them, but because, with the possible exception of the Beach House Hotel, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, all those places have changed so much;  I’d rather choose somewhere completely new.

I want to move to where I’ll have warm salt water and coral reefs nearby, for snorkeling, and away from the reef, fishing to feed myself.  I used to think I wanted to establish a compound on Fiji, (that was when George Bush was elected.)  (Oh, and when George W. Bush was elected, as well.)  But I have since seen far too many documentaries which include all the weird, poisonous creatures in the south Pacific, including a squid less than an inch long which could possibly kill me before I got to a hospital.  I will visit, if anyone invites me, (hint, hint) but I believe I would live somewhere west of the Gulf of Arabia.

I have had truly marvelous vacations in the Yucatan, and I am planning another with my dear friend, Darreby.  But I have not included Mexico in my possibilities, for that very reason.  In fact, I will have to rule out that whole part of the Caribbean and Atlantic coast.  Beautiful place, with magical geology and oceanography — I truly love it.  But no, I believe I will opt for the Mediterranean Sea, specifically the Aegean Sea, and live on Santorini.  I was captivated by that island community, living in the mouth of a volcano, since the first time I saw a picture of it.  Since then, Santorini has gained, for me, some historical and slightly mystical value.  Besides all that, Santorini is one gorgeous island, and the Aegean Sea just happens to be where I first put on a snorkel.  I would like its waves just outside my front door.

I’m not interested in resorts or tourist traps;  I want to live in one of those houses in the village, with the white walls and a door painted royal blue, though red or teal would  be okay too.  I want to live near a cafe, and I want to have a large upstairs patio with shade and sun and a table and comfortable chairs all around.

Oh, you didn’t ask for specifics.  I want to live on Santorini.  I would love to have a boat.  I would bring a couple of white cotton dresses, and about ten bathing suits.  Thanks so much for asking.


3 responses to “Where I would live — a prompt

  1. Nice new theme Judith! Santorini would be lovely, although I think I might be annoyed by the constant tourists traipsing past my front door. There is always the off-season to look forward to 😀

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