On the Eve of my 53rd Birthday

Nature is cooperating with me this year, to bloom and grow and leaf out and turn green.  I hope every year that this will happen, and usually I’m about a week off, but this year, right on time.

Yes, I am 53 tomorrow!  CELEBRATE!!

Younger adults I know, from work or around home, look at me as though I were nuts, when I seem so happy to reach such an old age.  I no longer try to explain to everybody, the way I used to; my need to justify myself to others on all fronts is vastly diminished, thank everything that’s holy.  Although I’ve had something of a tough week, I was able to shed that funk, just in time to feel great on reaching another milestone.

Mom and I will go out to dinner tomorrow, which is always such a nice time.  She’s been gone a lot, lately, and then working hard and long at work.  This will be a nice chance to catch up on the rest of each others’ lives.  I chose a chain restaurant, which nevertheless has great food and a comfortable atmosphere .  It feels like our restaurant, somehow.

I have spoken to some of my family today, and I hope to catch up with the rest tomorrow.  That contact is so important to my well-being.

I have set myself a goal for tomorrow — I intend to think only of the present, and maybe the future, but not the past.  I feel like an ordinary human being — isn’t that nice!  Thanks to all of my readers; some who’ve been around since the beginning, and some who are new members of our readers’ family.  I love you guys, and if anyone had told me, 5 years ago, that I would feel so content and look forward with such enthusiasm to this next year, I’d have said they were nuts, that my life didn’t ever get better.  Well, it does, and it has, and I am so happy to be sharing this path with you.

So, earlier to bed tonight, so I can wake up fresh tomorrow for my appointment at the new diabetes center. I am actually looking forward to sharing my blood sugars with the NP.  They are much-improved since the last time we printed out the pump.  Good night, morning, day to all of my friends around the world.  My love to all.  😎


12 responses to “On the Eve of my 53rd Birthday

  1. I turned 40 recently and decided to embrace it rather than hide from it.
    Well done for embracing 53! I hope you have a lovely day. Enjoy every minute.

  2. Happy birthday, Judith. The reward for making it this far is getting old, far better than the alternative.

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