Gratitude Saturday Challenge

Well, I have good news and not-so-good news.  I chose to pick up the kitchen and living room today, and not to turn on the computer until I was finished.  That’s the good news.  The not-so-good news is I almost forgot this post, which is so important to my well-being.

I am very grateful for my life, which continues to ride along a nice, quiet track.  I am slowly breaking bad habits, or losing the need to have those habits.  Hence the little bit of housework I chose to do this morning.  Of course, since I am such a black-and-white kind of woman, I need to be careful not to OCD in the other direction, (Yeah, right!)

We are getting the gentle rain we need this weekend —

Gratitude Saturday Challenge  Badge Courtesy: Eldy

Gratitude Saturday Challenge
Badge Courtesy: Eldy

what a shock to hear people at the store say we need it.    Didn’t we just finish a month of rain?  But all those sunny days, and now this, will make the flowers pop.  We already have beautiful early spring flowers, but after this, I think the lilacs will bloom — two weeks of the nicest scent in the world.  I saw some purple buds this morning — ready to go.

I’m going a little off topic, but I have a lot of gratitude with this story.  On my way home from another great appointment — with my electrophysiolgist, who said my defibrillator is good for another five years — I got a hankering, (yes, a hankering) for a bowl of chili.  We stopped so I could grab some hamburger; I already had tomato cans of all kinds, and a vidalia onion.  I was ready to go.

I did all the regular stuff:  browned the meat, sauteed the chopped onion, salt and some lovely white ground pepper my sister J. sent me.  In fact, she sent me a whole bunch of spices a while ago.  So I knew I was safe there.

(My sister J., I went looking for the post wherein I thanked you for that box of spices, and I can’t find it anywhere.  I am so sorry — I have made many soups, and none of them would have been any good without your spirit with me.  M., please show this to J.;  I’m calling later tonight, and I will email as well.)

So, I opened my spice drawer, and reached for the…silence…loud silence. NO CHILI POWDER.  Now, I thought it was there.  I don’t blame sister J. at all — I have thought about adding C.P. to my collection, but never followed through, and then in the car, I couldn’t imagine that she hadn’t sent chili powder from southern California.  But, of course, I had told Jane about the potassium restriction, and very few tomatoes, so she must have thought, no chili powder for Judith.  She’s sensible, but also a blast!  Sorry again, J.

I added what spices I had, including fresh rosemary from sister S., and a bay leaf Mom gave me from S.  I got to the  whole thing to a point where it tasted good, but would still be chili if I added chili powder.  Today, while Mom and I were out, (another lovely Saturday morning with Mom,) we stopped for groceries, and I bought two bottles of the stuff.  I got home, and put the would-be chili on the stove.  (I ate a bowl last night — it was okay.)  And I laid on the chili powder, a little sea salt, and let it simmer for a total of a couple of hours, checking frequently, and adding more chili powder until it was just right.  Then I turned it off and let it sit for another couple of hours, to get some of the blending that usually happens overnight.  Here is the end result:

Just what I was craving!

Just what I was craving

Now, I do not want anyone to misunderstand:  I didn’t intend this to be gourmet chili, or even really fancy chili — this is the down home, Colorado chili I learned when I was living in Calhan, CO.  A little cheddar cheese, a little dollop of fat-free sour cream — oh, what a wonderful memory.

After dinner, I tried to take some photos of myself, as my profile photo is two years old, and my BFF sister S. just gave me a lovely camera for my birthday.  I am an amateur, for sure, but this is me — no makeup, hair not combed — warts and all.

Hi, everybody!

Hi, everybody!

I am not looking for compliment or criticism, unless you know an easier way to center the camera.  This is important therapy for me — I don’t often volunteer that face for photos too often.

I am so grateful for everyone in my life who has helped me reach this important stage in my life.  Family, friends, blogging friends, bosses, co-workers, readers, and all the people I’m accidentally leaving out — thank you from my soul.  You have helped me find a new life, a happier life, where I get up smiling from sleep, almost every morning.  Thank you, Grazie, Merci, Danke, Duomo, Salamat, Shukriyaa, xie xie, Gracias, Spasibo, and all the languages and dialects I have left out, because I want to post this on Saturday.  I love you all.


5 responses to “Gratitude Saturday Challenge

  1. Love the photo. Selfies (self portrait) are really hard to get decent shots (if you are not 18 and actually care how you look). If I want one I pay a lot of attention to the background as much as my mug shot.
    That pot of chilli sounds really good. I’d try it but it would have to just be for me, or really tame chilli for the kids.

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