Gratitude Saturday Challenge — May 18, 2013

Saturday afternoon, once again.  I think I might just as well plan on writing this in the afternoon, and then I’ll be pleasantly  surprised if I finish it early.

I am grateful today for so many things.  The sky was blue for the whole morning, before some clouds popped up after lunch.  Mom and I went to breakfast, and then we drove to the Morris Farm, a community farm in Wiscasset, a village ten miles up the coast from us.  Both of us stepped out of the car, and almost in unison, took a big sniff of the air and said, “That smells so good.” Nothing smells like a farm — all of the cut hay sweetening the air, the deep, rich aroma of manure, which can only be described as smelling brown.  The sun was on the back steps, and Mom and I stood there for quite a while, watching the tractor turning over ground away from the buildings.  My guess is that’s for corn.

The farm is next door to the school, and kids have heirloom tomato projects going everywhere.  The plants also included lilies, day lilies, geraniums, violets, a chestnut tree, just big enough to transplant, other veggies, and, for me, some ornamental grass, which I’ll be transplanting into a bigger pot, to which I will tie a pair of scissors, so that I can recreate that lovely cut-grass aroma in my house.  My other two plants are growing beautifully; I had to remove the clover from the direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day.  It’s close enough to the window, without getting that bright hit in the morning.

My family is doing well — sister S.’s husband B. is having a birthday, for which I forgot to send a card.  I’m sorry, B.  I hope your birthday is a blast.

I forgot to bring my camera with me to the Morris Farm, but I took it outside this afternoon and took a bunch of photos of the

Bleeding hearts -- one of my favorite spring flowers

Bleeding hearts — one of my favorite spring flowers

back garden.  I’ve attached some here.

Birch Trees in the back yard

Birch Trees in the back yard

In addition, I took this tablet outside and dug into the first draft of a new story idea.

White violets

White violets

I’m not worried about it going anywhere — I’m making it up as I go, with no eye toward plot or driving conflict.  I read somewhere, though, that a few gems will show up among the detritus of words I throw at the page, and now I believe it. I am healthy and well, although my seasonal allergies are really kicking in.  I am so tired of the sniffles, and I’ve blown my nose so much that it’s raw in places.  But the trees and the grass and the flowers and the plants, and the bright blue sky make sniffles seem pretty petty in comparison.

This is truly another lovely spring. I exercised self-restraint in a couple of spots in the grocery store — soda, on sale so cheaply that I almost couldn’t resist.  But I did.  Same with Peanut Butter.  I have enough, and I don’t need spares.  I bought dental floss and Kleenex, while Mom got her groceries for the weekend and for making soup.  I am feeling quite accomplished. Physical therapy is going well, but Chris is working me hard!  Mom and I walked stiffly around the farm when we first got there — We looked like escaped patients from an orthopedic ward.  Still, I am climbing the stairs almost every time I come home — as long as I’m not carrying a bag of something, I go right past the elevator.  I still stop on every landing, of which there are three between the ground and the third floor.  But each day, it’s a little bit easier, and so I’m sticking it out.

I am thankful for all of these things.  I am thankful for my family and friends, and for the people in my life who help make each day easier or more interesting or challenging.  I am thankful for my apartment, the food in my pantry, the power that runs my fridge and stove and lights; I’m quite content with my life today, and for that, I am most thankful at all.

What do you have for which to give thanks today?  Join us in our Gratitude Saturday posts each week — it isn’t as much a challenge as it is an opportunity to stay mindful of the blessings in our lives, regardless of from where they’ve come.   Just a sentence or two is a good way to start, and once you’ve started, you may well never stop.   Please, join us, and let me know if you are.  I haven’t set up a Linky or anything.  I will do so if I have five or more bloggers participating, besides myself.


7 responses to “Gratitude Saturday Challenge — May 18, 2013

  1. I’m so sorry I have not been continuing on with my Saturday Gratitudes. But look at you! Going full guns and more. Well done. 🙂 you have been sounding really happy lately, and I love that for you 🙂

  2. I started keeping a gratitude journal for this new year and somehow lost my mission with it. I wanted to share that I’m also on the 3rd floor and I strive to take the stairs whenever I’m not lugging groceries too.

    Your description of the farm almost had me smelling it all too:-)

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