The Conversation 100WCGU — Week #90

100-Word Challenge for GrownUps Image Courtesy:  Julia's Place

100-Word Challenge for GrownUps
Image Courtesy: Julia’s Place

Here is Julia’s prompt for 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups:

I’ve been having problems with a very sore wrist for a couple of months. Nothing I do seems to help and of course as I spend quite a lot of my day at a PC, rest is out of the question. Just to make sure there wasn’t something else I could do, I’ve been to see a physio and he did some acupuncture on it.

So (you’ve guessed it I’m sure) the prompt is:

…the points were sharp…

The points were sharp, and the arguments barely understandable, as I sat on the floor in a friend’s home,  surrounded by conservatives in full voice.  Why am I sitting here?  We’d known each other for over thirty years, and while we clashed at times over politics, I believed until tonight that this friend respected me enough not to put me in so unbalanced  a situation.  More quickly than I would have guessed, my discomfort turned to anger.  I don’t need this, I thought.    But I refuse to fight  with conservatives over politics.  I stood and walked to the door, thinking way too sharp for me.


6 responses to “The Conversation 100WCGU — Week #90

  1. Great take on the prompt. I almost went with the idea of the sharp points being words as well until I sat down to write. Then, all of a sudden, this totally unrelated idea hit me full force, and off I went in another direction.

    But I’ve been right where you were in this experience as well. Unkindness at its pinnacle.

  2. A difficult situation to be in, trying to weigh longevity of a friendship against the current disagreement. Fantastic use of prompt.

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