Songs I Listened to Then — High School 1976

I was cleaning the apartment and listening to a cable TV classic rock station.  First three songs I heard were all released during my sophomore year in high school.  That was an odd time for music — not really any specific kind of music, but a lot of really intricate, interesting vocals, arrangements and instrumentation.  I decided to share some of these with you:

My first song comes from the band Fleetwood Mac, released as a single late in 1976, and as the lead single from their 1977 album, Rumours.  I refer, of course, to Go Your Own Way,


The Electric Light Orchestra figured prominently in the music I heard in high school.  Their album, A New World Record, was released in 1976, and one of the most successful songs was Livin’ Thing:


Another song from 1976 which possesses terrific staying power came from Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band’s Night Moves album.  I am writing of Rock ‘n Roll Never Forgets.  This is one of those songs that instantly transports me back to my sophomore year in high school.  I thought I knew then what it meant — now I know, and I cannot refrain from dancing in my chair when I hear it.  Here is  Bob Seger’s Rock ‘n Roll Never Forgets”


For my fourth song, I’ve chosen a number from The Manhattans’  1976 self-titled gold-record album.  Kiss and Say Goodbye is, for me, the epitome of Rhythm and Blues, and every so-called R&B singer from 2000 on should be forced to sit in a room and listen to it over and over and over.  Here are The Manhattans with Kiss and Say Goodbye:



10 responses to “Songs I Listened to Then — High School 1976

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  2. I remember all of them. Love ELO and, of course, Fleetwood Mac but they were way overplayed- and Bob Seger cause Rock n Roll Never Forgets; The Manhattans for broken hearts everywhere.

  3. Rumours is an all time classic 😉 I’ve lost track of the number of copies I’ve owned over the years. The latest copy resides in my phone – at least it won’t get stolen by pesky housemates any more. Great share Judith.

    • This is my third or fourth time around with high school, so I’m digging a little, but I love all these a lot. For ELO, perhaps you could listen to their Out of the Blue album — I bet you’ll recognize some of those songs. 😎

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