Do You Believe Me Now, DOCTOR?

I am PISSED OFF. ( I say so intentionally; as a writer, I ought to dig through my vocabulary for a better term, but tough sh*t.)  

I awoke this morning to another Lyme Disease target on my arm; right arm this time.  Here it is:

 Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

I would say that looks remarkably like a bullseye.  (Sorry about the flash.)  We will return to this photo later.  I called the doctors’ office, but my doc wasn’t available today, so I agreed to an appointment with one of the other doctors.  (I dislike women doctors.)  I hopped in a taxi, and got to the office quickly, and got right in to see Dr. Caldwell, of Martin’s Point, 6 Farley Rd., Brunswick, ME 04011!

She asked if I had scratched it, and I said, “at first” I did.  Then I explained how I got the bite.  She just looked at me and told me it wasn’t Lyme Disease, just a bruise where I had been rubbing.  I tried  first to tell her that I just    experienced this a month ago, and it was Lyme.  She shook her head  and started getting ready to leave.

I told her I wanted a second opinion, from the doctor that found the other one.  She left the room, almost immediately back in.  That doctor was too busy to see me, but he said to take 200 mg Doxycycline.  One dose.  By this time I was very angry — I hate nothing more than someone not believing my medical symptoms — and I made my clear that I want to see that other doctor.  At the end of it I told her that May is National Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and “you’d think a DOCTOR could diagnose it.

Lyme, one more time 8-)She clucked and told me I went there for her opinion, and I wasn’t going to change her mind.  I walked out, went straight to the check-out desk, and told the person there that I was waiting in the waiting room until the other doctor came and looked at it.  Fortunately, this secretary is a man, and he agreed to get the doctor.

When Dr. N. came out, he immediately said, “Yep, that is a recent tick bite.  But I ordered you Doxycycline — one dose.”  I started crying again, and asked him why one dose this time, and two weeks at 300 mg a day last time.  He said he didn’t prescribe two weeks of the stuff; I said he did.  He left and went to check my record, and then a nurse came out and told me he was calling in the two weeks of pills.  He did step out and patted me on the shoulder and told me the same thing as the nurse, then walked away.  By this time I was running out of fizz, and I didn’t chase after him for an apology or a follow-up with the other doctor.

Fortunately, I called the pharmacy and explained the two prescriptions, and they said no problem.  Thank goodness for Wilsons Drug Store who will deliver any minute now.

I planned on writing about another situation, but let’s see if anyone notices.  Check the photo again, at your highest magnification, and tell me if you see it.  I picked it out the minute I loaded the photo.  I’ll post about that, with better photos, in a couple of days.  Bye, and let me know in comments if you’re successful.


11 responses to “Do You Believe Me Now, DOCTOR?

  1. I haven’t read Part 2 yet, but I’ve recently changed doctors over this kind of behavior. I’ve met the new one twice so far and am much more impressed with her listening and doing something to address my concerns.

    What a piss-off that you can’t get attention for something so serious.


    • Amen — and through that post I’ve met a really nice woman who is further along in the process, and controlling it with IV antibiotics. I’m going to write a post about these new resources she gave me, so if others need to find it, they can. Thanks so much for your encouragement — It means more than you know! 😎

    • Thanks — first time I ever demanded a second opinion right then and there, but the horror stories about Chronic Lyme Disease are too scary to ignore. Thanks for you encouragement, Tilly. 😎

  2. I don’t know what lyme disease looks like as I’ve never had it. Though, to be honest, it looks more like an allergic reaction than it does a bruise from rubbing. It stinks that you had to go through all this.

    • Thanks. Lyme Disease is recognizable about 45% of the time if the bite has a ring around it, so it looks like a bullseye. The rest of the time, it just looks like a bug bite. Thanks for your comment, and for being concerned. 😎

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    • I sure do — I wanted to leap out of my chair and hold er head underwater for an hour or two. Wait til you see my next post — shocking, even for me!

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