Love and pride — my niece K. (the older K.) graduates from Gxxxx High School on June 9, 2013.  Today, we are gathering at sister DC’s house for a cookout and congratulatory party.



K. is a smart young woman, and one of the most enthusiastic athletes I’ve ever met.  She plays volleyball, and  has done so since she was a little girl.  She’s tall and bright and pretty, and she does stuff, instead of just sitting in front of a screen all day.  I know she will thrive in college.  Some of the credit goes to her parents, for being active with their kids.  But most of K.’s efforts benefit from her choice to be active and involved in the world around her.

I am bursting with pride, so much love, and many good wishes for you, K.  I look forward eagerly to watching what you do with your life!  Love you, sweetheart!  ❤❤❤

I can’t publish this without mentioning her sister, K., who is highly literate and fast-approaching graduation herself.  Before we know it, she’ll be off to college and a successful life — I’m betting she will write novels, as she already writes exciting and complex stories.  I’m so proud of you, honey, and I love you so much. ❤❤❤

I’m thankful that I am not a parent, but more thankful that I have such beautiful, talented nieces.  It’s great to be an aunt.


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