Songs I Listened To A Long Time Ago…

I was tip-tapping away at the novel, when I realized my house was very quiet.  I turned on the cable and found the channel for classic rock.  I heard some old favorites that spanned years; but, on replaying them, I see that all of these songs came to me during my childhood, a very long time ago.

When I was twelve, I was lucky enough, (though I did not think so at the time,) to share a bedroom with my older sister — I got to listen to her music while we were getting ready for school.  One of the bands whose albums she often played was The Moody Blues.   By far, my favorite was a track from their 1970 album, A Question of Balance, called Question.  The first two lines of the chorus are, “I’m looking for someone to change my life.  I’m looking for a miracle in my life.”  Remember, by now I was a full-fledged drama queen, and I remember singing this chorus over and over.  Here is Question:


Another old favorite I heard last night came from Tommy James and the Shondells.  This tune is rough — I only found out why when I went to the official site.  This number, from those magical camping trips at Ҫeşme Beach, Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea, was originally recorded by the band in high school; two years later it leapt to the top of the charts, and made Tommy James and the Shondells a household name.  From the 1966 album of the same title, here they are with Hanky Panky:


This is another song from the same time, another which has stuck with me all these years.  The band is Herman’s Hermits, and this number was released as a single in 1967.  There’s a Kind of Hush has been covered — in fact, the original recording a band called Gary and the Hornets in 1966.  This tune was played a lot, and in fact became one of the first numbers I learned to play on the guitar.  Here are Herman’s Hermits, with There’s a Kind of Hush:


And finally, from their 1972 album, Distant Light, comes a number dedicated to my sister, S..  This song by The Hollies, comes from that crazy summer at Meadowbrook.  It was bestowed on my sister by her boyfriend, B., a gentle man who stood about 6’3″.  S., for you, and for B., here’s Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress:


15 responses to “Songs I Listened To A Long Time Ago…

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    • The same way so many of those bands have morphed — I was too young to pay much attention at the time, but he is dreamy in this video. I’ll remember him like this, because old, out of shape singers are sad!

  4. Oh Jude, well of course it had to be not only the Moody’s but from The Threshold of a Dream album. The entire album is an anthem for my 1969 year, summer of love. Like you can sing along to every word and note to this day.

    The Hollies of course I need not say a word. My all time and also still to this day Big Crush Graham Nash.

    Peter Noone & The Herman Hermits was someone I will now confess I did not admit to listening to. But I listened to them, along with The Dave Clark Five, Paul Revere & The raiders.

    What a fabulous musical walk down memory lane Thank you for this. I love how the post expresses your young years through music.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love to listen to The Moody Blues still today. If you haven’t seen the dvd of them Live at Royal Albert Hall then you are missing out. I also loved the the other two songs.

      • I also wanted to share that I was the youngest out of 4 girls and my sisters music influenced me too. I spent so much time trying to remember The Rascals name last night when I commented that I forgot to share that…forgetful here. But I loved them too. Have a great day!

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