From the Desk of the Stats Junkie

I am a little confused — my stats page says 300 FOLLOWERS! but in other places, the number is 293.  I don’t know why these numbers don’t agree, but I am choosing 300, and celebrating that!  To my 300 blogger/readers, thank you so much for being so faithful for so long.  To my FB, Twitter, and comment followers, thank you for venturing far enough into the blogoverse to find and support me.  I love you all!


12 responses to “From the Desk of the Stats Junkie

  1. Did you see my post about views? You can drive yourself crazy looking at stats. Here’s a little story: once, because of this single post plus some others, I got something like 3300 views in one day. About 2 months later, that suddenly dropped to 3100. The explanation was that they only counted as a ‘view’ when a person had spend 30 seconds or longer on the post. This was for monetized blogs.

    Now, they have the notification “feature” where you don’t even have to visit the blog itself to like or comment. I’m not sure how that counts.

    • Thanks for your good advice — when I started, I was freaking out over stats everyday. Finally, I overcame that, and now I check about once a week. I don’t give a damn about their views, and I put out the word to my readers one day last month and asked everyone to click through on that one post — my stats showed 45 readers, and I knew that I should take from stats only what I wanted. I celebrate 300 because that was my original goal, but I am writing for my own good, and if people like or appreciate or use it, that’s just extra on the top. Again, thanks!

  2. Now Judith!! Didn’t you say you weren’t going to obsess on your stats? Remember that? (Yes, my hand is on my hip and the other hand is shaking a finger at you. Sing song voice too.)

    Relax and enjoy the ride. It doesn’t really matter if you have 293 or 300. Nor do your readers care. You decide when you’ve hit the milestone, announce it, and graciously accept the applause.

    Stop worrying!! You’re in the midst of developing this wonderful life and 7 followers more or less is not as important as the joy you’ve been having.


    P.S. Oh yeah and feel free to delete if you’re still mad at me after sleeping on it for a night. But ya’ know I mean well when I leave comments like this.

    • Thanks — the stats page says 300, plus 25 comment followers, but notification column says 293. I’m sticking with 300! Thanks for the advice. 😎

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