The United States Is Now A Volumeocracy

I wish I had said this as clearly — thanks, Edward.

Edward Hotspur


For years, I’ve noticed something about America – it’s no longer a democracy. Instead, it has become a volumeocracy.

What is a volumeocracy? Government by the loudest. But what does that mean? What are you, a moron? What’s with all the questions?

No, seriously, it means that whoever screams the loudest, or in non-audio situations, whoever gets the most coverage, ends up getting their way most often. Consider talk shows and pundit shows. All networks are guilty, but I’m pointing at Fox News. Someone like Bill O’Reilly will literally yell over the top of whoever he is interviewing. It’s almost as if he thinks he can scream at reality and get it to change.

And to a certain extent, he can. People can. Why? Partly because people in general are kind of stupid and lazy. They read a headline and fall right for it, and never go find things…

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