Dear rich people…

Another blog post that shows me my own feelings — thanks, Art.

Pouring My Art Out

An open letter to the ultra-wealthy.

I don’t mean to lump you all into one group. I am sure that many… some… of you are lovely people. This letter is not meant for you. Maybe I should start by explaining which of you I am intending this letter to reach;

This letter is for the people who drive around in cars that cost more than a lot of houses cost, and cut the rest of us off in traffic because we do not even register on your radar.

This letter is aimed at the people who make millions of dollars by utilizing overseas sweatshops and then selling overpriced goods in your own country.

This letter is written to the people who have offshore accounts so they don’t have to pay taxes, and have high-priced lawyers showing them the loopholes to get out of paying even more taxes, and then complain when the Government…

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