The Way I Choose to See the World

Here is another affirmation from Abraham-Hicks I do my best to use in my life:

Today, no matter where I’m going and no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to see that which I am wanting to see.


Excerpted from the workshop in Boca Raton, FL on January 12, 1997

I can hear questions arising in the voices of my readers.  How can I go through a day, not seeing the horrors of the modern world?  Does Abraham want me to walk around in a dream?  To ignore the multitude of needs unfulfilled, and justice miscarried?  How can I claim to be a loving, caring person if I only see what I want to see?

Of course, that is not Abraham’s intention with this affirmation — not at all.  He is not directing me to turn my back on the issues of being human in a global context; nor is he telling me to disregard the world around me.  (At least, I don’t interpret this that way.)  I believe that he is telling me that how I see these events and situations is just as important as the events themselves.

If I look at my house plants, I see them doing well, or not so well, but that isn’t enough.  I want to see why this one is growing beautifully, and that one is not.  I mentally check whether they need water, whether I should turn them to another side in the sun, or leave them as they are.  I marvel at the fact that  they live at all, as I am a serial plant-killer from way back.  And I think of what new plants I can add to the collection, and how I will continue to maintain the whole bunch.

Similarly, Abraham asks me to see beyond the surface of situations in the world.  I could listen to F– News, and say, oh, woe is me, the world is going to hell in a handbasket.  Or I can look more closely and see the myriad new solutions being attempted by people everywhere to ameliorate this difficulty or that one.  For instance:

  • Person number one says, look at the starving people around the world.  How sad they are.
  • Person number two says, look at the starving people of the world, and look at the millions who care enough to do even one tiny thing to alleviate their hunger.

Abraham is telling me to choose

Make your choice.

Make your choice.

to see solutions, not just problems.  He is requesting that I make a commitment to focus, to see the world through the lens of hope and goodness, and to believe, as I do, that viewing the world in this way makes it a better place, just by my more positive vision.  He is saying what he always says — choose what I want to see, as opposed to the sadder, more fearful way I viewed my life before, and the answers I want to see will begin to be apparent in my surroundings, and in my soul.

I must intend to see around me in this way, as well.  That implies a decision on my part.  I must choose to maintain vision, and choose to believe and act as though my positivity has a positive effect on the world.  I embrace that choice, and do my very best to spread this different way of seeing to the people with whom I interact.  I know, in my soul, that this is how I can influence the world for the better, and I am grateful.


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